Choosing The Perfect Herbal Detox Tea

Detoxification is highly important for the human body to work perfectly. Our body accumulates toxins because of our poor dieting habitsthe polluted oxygen which we inhale. Although the body have natural mechanism to discharge these toxins out of the body through different processes, like purifying the oxygen through lungs, expelling toxins from skin through sweating, expelling waste using kidneyso on, but sometimes these natural mechanisms fail to work properlyso we need some boosters to help the body discharge toxins.

Detox teas are made for that purpose in which the natural detoxification mechanisms of body are boosted so that your body can remove toxinscan be able to world more effectivelyefficiently. But the question is which detox tea to select?

There are lots of herbal detox teas available in the market which makes the process of choosing a single one highly difficult for common people. In order to choose the high quality detox tea you need to check out the below listed guide

Choosing the Perfect Herbal Detox Tea:

Below are listed the different types of herbal detox teas available in the market along with the best ones to choose:

Loose Leaf or Tea Bag:

Generally speaking, it is better to use loose leaf detox tea instead of bags as the quality is much better comparatively. In loose leaf tea, the size of the leaves are larger ad have better quality herbs. Moreover, the loose leaves have more room to move compared to the bags resulting in better taste.

Organic Tea:

As behind choosing the detox tea, our main goal is to detoxify the body to remove harmful toxins, it is best to avoid any artificial flavors. It is much preferable to select a completely organic blend of tea, free from pesticidesherbicides for better cleansing.


Do not forget to check the ingredients of your detox tea. If your tea contains green tea leaves as well, it will definitely contain caffeine. Try to avoid more caffeine intake as it slow down the detoxification process. Loose leaf teas contain less caffeine than tea bags.

Key Ingredients:

There can be a number of ingredients which can help cleanse the body while keeping you fithealthy. Some ingredients are:

Peppermint for aiding digestion

Green tea for weight lossflushing the system

Juniper berries for treating urinary infectionsa good diuretic

Milk thistle good for liver

Dandelion helps in digestive disorderscontains lots of vitamins.