Natural Diet For Weight Loss – Three Beneficial Diets For Weight Loss

Natural diets for losing weight are imperative for those who want to shed those extra pounds safely. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Guide Pyramid gives you around 30% of your calories from fat, 15% from proteins, and 55% from carbohydrates. Some other diets recommend varied amount o macronutrients. However such diets are not recommended for fitness. Here is why:

Natural Diet For Weight Loss

  • Super Low Fat Diets – Physicians state that at least 10% fat diet protects the patients from artery damage and also helps heal the already clogged arteries. On the other hand, all those doctors who promote very low fat diets need to you accept a complete package, which includes stress reduction, regular workouts, yoga and meditation. The combination of all these aspects, not only low fat diet by itself, perhaps unclogs blocked arteries. Moreover, for some, a low fat, but high carb diet tends to boost the levels of circulating fats known as triglycerides, while lowering the healthy cholesterol.
  • The 40-30-30 or one diet – Some of the promoters claim that following a 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 30% protein diet boosts fat burning by better lowering and regulating the insulin levels, the hormone that helps process the carbohydrates. Many people who lose body fat is usually from calorie counting and cutting back on their total calorie intake.
  • High Protein Diets – Many popular diet books advocate eliminating or cutting carbohydrates. This means you do not have to eat bread, potatoes, pasta, vegetables, and have to stick to very few dairy products. Instead, you eat more protein from meats, tuna and eggs. Following such a carb-free diet plan will result in weight loss. As your body will react to a very low-carb diet, it starts a metabolic state called as ketosis. Rather than burning the standard mix of fats and carbohydrates for energy, your body will start burning fat and alike compounds called ketones for fuel. To fuel your brain, and body on the whole, you body will break down protein and not fats. It cannibalizes muscle, breaking them into amino acid building blocks and then converting it all into sugar. Less muscle means slower metabolism, which is why many people get to gain weight as soon as they stray from the diet. This sort of diet is nutritionally unbalanced. You miss out on the key minerals and vitamins, like vitamin C, folic acid, calcium along with fiber.

Last but not the least, natural diet for weight loss plays an extremely vital role for all those who want to stay healthy and shed those extra pounds safely and naturally.