Everyday Tips For Coping With A Tailbone Injury

Slippingfalling is an inseparable part of our childhood memories. We all have suffered various incidents of slipfall resulting in bruised elbowsskinned knees during our careless playtimes. But for some of us, falling is not limited to the childhood memories. We still slipfallunfortunately often end up with serious injuries requiring proper medical attention.

One of the most common injuries caused by an unwelcomed slipfall is a tailbone injury. Pain in the backside after you have suffered a fall could be an indication that you have endured a tailbone injury. Though relatively rare, tailbone injurysubsequent pain are very uncomfortable.

Made up of three to five small bones at the end of your spine, tailbone is a weight-bearing structure when you are seated. Though tailbone serves no true function other than that, it can breakneed proper treatment to heal. If you feel sudden numbness or tingling, leg weakness, trouble controlling bowelsa lot of unbearable pain, your doctor will usually recommend you a lateral X-ray of the tailbone. From medication to physical therapy, treatment may differ with the varying extent of the injury.

Healing time for a tailbone injury may also depend on whether the injury is a bruise or fracture. It can take somewhere between four to twelve weeks for the pain to finally subside. To recover from the tailbone injury effectively, you will need to follow few day-to-day tips. Learn more about these steps which you can follow after you’re injured. These tips will help you cope with your injury to ensure fasteffective recovery.

No Physical Activity: 
Spine is undoubtedly one of the most important components of a body. Because tailbone injury is likely to damage the above portion of the spine if not treated well, it is extremely crucial that you do nothing which causes pain. You should avoid any physical activity that requires you to do extensive work. The more you will rest, the quicker your injury will heal.

Apply Ice: 
For the first 48 hours after you’ve suffered an injury, you should ice your tailbone for about 20 minutes every hour. You can then reduce the frequency of ice application to two to three times a day. Make sure to not apply ice directly to the skin.

Use Cushion When Sitting:
Whenever you sit, use a gel donut or a cushion. Rubber cushion or gel donuts have a hole in the center that efficiently takes the pressure off your tailbone. This will lessen the discomfort that you will feel around the area of an injured tailbone. These specific cushionsgel donuts are easily available at nearby drugstores.

Avoid Sitting for Long Periods: 
Rest is the best way to heal faster. Do not sit for long periods especially on a hard surface. Even if you have to sit, alternate between each side of your buttocks.

If your slipfall accident was the result of someone else’s negligence, you are protected under the state laws to receive the compensation for your injury which is causing you to suffer physicallyemotionally. The best slipfall accident lawyer can help you claim what you truly deserve.