Discover Greater Relaxation with Rosemary Essential Oil

Who isn’t infatuated with roses? Their amazing scent produces one of the most iconic fragrances of all time, one that exudes romance, spring time, and generally happy stance.  Yet, not only do roses smell good, but the aroma is filled with therapeutic benefits. This is largely due to the essential oils in a plant. Essential oils provide flowers with their aroma and act as a natural layer of defense for the physical plant, allowing the plant to germinate safely. Additionally, essential oils provide distinct flavors that enrich food, are widely popular in the cosmetic industry, and promote overall wellbeing. Finally, users can create even more unique benefits with their oils by combining diverse types.

While rosemary leaves are iconic to numerous dishes, such as chicken breast, many stews, and more, rosemary oils can act as the perfect substitute. The ingredient is extremely easy to use, simply add a few drops of the rosemary essential oil to your favorite dishes, and voila, you’re doing! Now you have a unique rosemary infused recipe that will surely brighten the taste of any food, while also providing health benefits such as better digestion. Who doesn’t love to enhance flavor and health? Win-win!

Additionally, one of the several benefits of rosemary essential oil is it’s a natural aromatherapy tool. By diffusing the oils, which can be done using a doTERRA veggie capsulediffuser, the fragrance of the oils will invigorate your senses, triggering or suppressing hormones that cause you to have helping with feelings of tension or restlessness. With the removed tension, your overall mood will improve, benefiting general mental health. Not to mention the lovely scent that is rosemary. Finally, combinations of essential oils can be crafted to create a distinct flavor with a wider range of healing properties. The benefits of essential oils are only limited by your imagination.

Bath salts and bombs are also becoming a thing of the past thanks to essential oils. Rosemary oils can be dropped in the warm waters of a bath to not only provide a gentle fragrance, but induce feelings of relaxation. So, if you’ve had a grueling day at work, tiresome school day, tragic event, or whatever it may be, be sure to pay your bath a visit alongside your rosemary oil to ensure you get the proper relaxation you need and, of course, deserve.

If baths aren’t enough to soothe your aching body and mind, then hopefully massages are. Thankfully, rosemary oils are also favored by masseuses around the globe.  Although, since the rosemary oil by itself is too thin to properly create any effect on skin directly, a carrier oil, such as coconut, is preferred. Once these two are in place, simply rub the oils on the designated nerves and witness the richness, fragrance, and aromatherapy take effect, creating a massage experience that propels relaxation and luxury like no other. Wow, is there anything the rosemary oil can’t do? We think not.