How Good F&B Is A Top Priority Customer Satisfaction

Good F&B based in South Korea, was established in 2006 for making healthysafe foods! The meaning of Good F&B is ‘Good Agricultural Cooperative’their mission is producing quality organic foodsbeverages to customers!

Hence GoodF&B top priority is customer satisfaction!

Good F&B has been going beyond Koreaproducing products in China, USA, DubaiVietnam. They also produce their products to CJ Fresh-way, Samsung Well-story, GS Retail shop, Home-shopping.


There are nine types of fruit juiceI can divide them into three big categories- just watery juice type, jelly type, smoothie type. They are all from the organic farm in Korea, so the products are not contained synthetic preservatives, dyes,L-MSG. I tried them allit seems they are all reliable products!

  1. Basic type
  • The basic type is normal beverage type. It has Lime& Apple, Mandarin & Grapefruit,Korea Pear tastes.
  • Lime & Apple

  • Do you want to feel sweetsour!? This is a perfect choice for fruity taste! And lime & apple juice is good for detox! Apples contain pectin which is a form of soluble fiber. This helps to remove cholesteroltoxins from the liverkidney,limes contain citric acid which helps to remove wastealso have a slightly laxative effect!
  • Mandarin & Grapefruit

  • If you need more vitamin!? Try mandarin & grapefruit! It contains a lot of vitamin C inside! Also, citrus fruits are used by some to help promote natural weight loss, owing to their vitamin Cantioxidant content!
  • Korea Pear Juice

Pear juice is healthy, mildsafe to be introduced to infants’ diet! Try for your health! Healthy juice for body containing Autoxidation agent!

  1. Jelly
  • Jelly type is a beverage with jelly inside. It has ‘Baby Poop Poop’, ‘Strawberry&Pear’, ‘Grape&Pear’‘Banana’
  • Baby Poop Poop

  • This jelly contains pear, apple, grapes,carrot without any preservatives, synthetic-material,glutamate. This Jelly is good for helping bowel movement because it contains fiber. Hence good for your baby’s belly, so this product name is ‘baby poop poop’!
  • Strawberry&Pear, Grape&Pear

  • This jelly juice containing probiotics, so harmful bacteria’s helping bowel movement to your kids! I think this is the best choice for your kids to become health belly!
  • Banana

This is banana fruity taste smoothie with jelly! Banana contains various vitamins,rich in fiber, so it can help better digestion, diet, stress regulator, boost your energy level, boost up their memory power,helps to prevent chronic disorder by producing more free radicals in the body!

  1. Smoothie

Ice smoothiewithout fat, no milkno vegetable oil. There are strawberry, mango,apple taste as well.

  • Strawberry

  • Try delicious, refreshing, natural, healthycolorful fruity taste smoothie! Strawberries are crazy healthy for you,boosting immune systems! Refresh frozen organic is always best!
  • Mango

Try mango smoothie for your breakfast! Mango has full of fiber, antioxidants,vitamins A&C. also relatively low in calories, which will help you lose weight,have even been known to reduce oxidative stress on the body

  • Apple

The green smoothie always taste good! Especially green apple is a great choice for extra freshness! If you want to feel juiciness, sweetness, crispnesscrunch, this apple smoothie is a perfect choice!

Overall, the packaging is appealing to the eyecolorfully layered smoothie was nice. The taste perfectly fits baby. All packs contain vitamins, minerals,fiber for nutritional uses.

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