Melanoma Treatment Options Give Hope To Thousands Worldwide

There are numerous clinics that offer patients with melanoma treatment options. Some of the typical options that they offer are:

Mohs Surgery

This is the type of melanoma treatment which is used to help cure lentigo maligna that are basically found in the neck and head of the patients as long as it has not yet spread to other body parts. The surgical procedure is about removing the cancer tissue layer by layer while minimizing the removal of other healthy skin tissues before finally eradicating the entire tumor. Every layer of the skin that gets removed is stained using immunohistochemical staining, which is useful for the surgeons to visualize the cancer cells. Most of the times, the removed tissues are examined under the microscope by a Mohs Surgeon for further confirmation that the entire cancer tissue has been completely removed.

Radiation Therapy

This happens to be another popular treatment option for melanoma which is used to help fight the aggressive melanoma tumors. This is basically treated with surgery that is later followed by radiation therapy wherein high dosages of targeted radiations are given directly to the tumor cells. Those administering this treatment make sure that the surrounding healthy skin tissues do not get exposed to radiation as it may further lead to non-melanoma skin cancers.

Chemotherapy Sessions

There are several different types of chemotherapy melanoma treatment options available but the one which is highly recommended by doctors is the hyperthermic isolated limb perfusion, which is also called as HILP. In this treatment, the affected arm or leg is connected to a lung-heart bypass machine and the chemotherapy session is directly monitored through the machine towards the infected arm or leg. This is highly preferred by doctors as it assures high doses of chemotherapy just to the targeted area without affecting the other healthy tissues of the body.

There are several other experimental melanoma treatment options too that are being tried and tested by different pharmaceutical companies and clinics. However, for the meantime, it is recommended that you stick to these effective and safe melanoma treatment options only. Malignant melanoma is a severe issue, and it is vital identify its causes, check out symptoms and have an accurate diagnosis to ensure you get an effective treatment here. Read more about TIL melanoma treatment options to acquire more information.