How Medical Marijuana Can Help Slow Alzheimer’s?

How Medical Marijuana Can Help Slow Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disorder that can slowly destroy your memory and thinking skills and the ability to think even on the smallest things. It causes structural and functional loss to brain tissue and cells.

Medical marijuana uses marijuana plants or chemicals in their products to treat different diseases. The medical marijuana plant contains 100 different chemicals in it. Each one of them has a profoundly different effect on the body of the patient. Medical marijuana can treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Medical marijuana doctors use this plant to cure and treat a person’s anxiety and stress. Medical Marijuana Doctors use this because it reduces the amount of Beta-Amyloid in the brain, which is a hallmark characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. Medical Marijuana Doctors believe that adding medical cannabis oil (marijuana) to Alzheimer’s patient’s pharmacotherapy is a safe and promising treatment option.

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia disease. Dementia can be caused by stress, anxiety, depression, medicines, drugs, alcohol, and other health problems such as hormonal disturbances and nutritional deficiencies. Medical Marijuana Doctors carry out simple checks to try to find out what the cause may be. They also check the medical and health aspects to carry out a physical examination. They can ask some questions about the patients’ family and friends to check the memory loss, and they can also do paper and pen tasks to check how different areas of the brain are functioning. They take various tests of memory checking, how to solve problems, attention, maths, and language. Medical Marijuana Doctors conduct multiple medical tests, such as blood tests and urine tests, to check if there is any other cause of the problem. Moreover, they perform brain scans, such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or positron emission therapy (PET), to rule out other possible symptoms. These tests helps doctors to get to know about how the person’s memory and brain cells are working.

The symptoms of this disease are memory loss, language problems, and unpredictable behavior. There are three stages of Alzheimer’s. Which are discussed below:

Mild Alzheimer’s Disease:

In mild Alzheimer’s disease, people experience usually loss of memory and mind-brain issues. These may include wandering; people forget their addresses. They may have trouble paying bills and handling money. They may ask you questions repeatedly. They take more time to complete healthy and natural daily life tasks: their personality and behavior change.

Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease:

This stage concerns with different areas of the brain which are damaged and that can control language, sensory processing, and some random thoughts of your mind. Memory loss is very severe that people are unable to recognize their family and friends. They are unable to learn new things or cope up with new situations. In this stage, people may also have hallucinations and delusions, or they may behave impulsively.

Severe Alzheimer’s Disease:

In this stage, brain tissue shrinks significantly. People who are suffering from this stage are entirely unable to communicate with others and dependent on others for their care. The person is at bed most of the time as the body shuts down.

Alzheimer’s is a complex disease. The medicines and drugs can not completely treat this. But by maintaining mental function and managing the behavioral symptoms, the process of this disease can be slow down. There are several treatments to cure this disease. Choosing medical marijuana is a good option. Because the primary concern of the procedure is to provide comfort, dignity, and independence for a more extended period, medical marijuana can provide all these things to the patient, and it can slow down the symptoms of the disease.

Based on the above clinical findings, it is shown that medical marijuana can help slow down Alzheimer’s.