Berwick Dental Clinic that’s Just Perfect for Kids

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Eden Rise Dental, Berwick’s leading dental clinic, is well-known for providing a comprehensive range of top-quality dental services to residents of Berwickneighbouring areas for close to two decades. Understandably, visiting a dentist seems a daunting task that most of us wish to avoid for obvious reasons. The feeling is all the more intense amongst kids who try all types of tricks to stay away from visiting a dentist. However, Eden Rise Dental is one place where you can actually get kids to feel comfortableget their dental problems treated easily. Scores of people who’ve got their children treated for dental issues at Eden Rise Dental vouch for it. In fact, it is regarded as the perfect kid-friendly dental clinic inaround Berwick.  The experiencedcompassionate kid-friendly dentist at Eden Rise Dental knows exactly how to manage kids, calm them downtreat them while removing fear from their minds. Doubtful, concerned parents who are seen coaxing their children to visit the clinic, later head out satisfiedrelaxed with all their dental problems sorted.

Eden Rise Dental, the Genuinely Good Berwick Dental Clinic

Eden Rise Dental offers the following specialised services:

  • General dentistry
  • Orthodontic treatments (braces)
  • Denturesimplants
  • Cosmetic dentistry (crowns veneers, bridges, etc.)
  • Endodontic treatments (root canal treatments)
  • Restorative services (e.g. fillings)
  • In chair whitening

The fact that it offers top-quality children’s dentistry services as well proves its versatilitycapabilities of catering to diverse groups. The clinic has a very warm, all-female dentist team that knows how to make nervous kids calm down. They are experienced in soothing even very small kidsmaking sure they leave happily with their dental problems fixed. It doesn’t take too long for children to feel at ease with the Kids-Friendly Dentist attending to them at Eden Rise Dental.

Berwick Dental Clinic | Making oral health fun for kids

The range of children’s dentistry treatmentservices offered by Eden Rise Dental include:

  • General check-ups (from checking their first tooth to supervising adult teeth)
  • Managing gaps in tooth (the best solution most suitable for a child, whether braces or other alternative, determined by expertsoffered)
  • Tooth extraction (one of the scariest dental treatment not just for kids but also for adults, done in the gentlest way)
  • Cavity fillings (suitable filling material selected by the experts as per individual casesused)
  • Fitting children’s bracesretainers (done in the gentlestreassuring way)

Eden Rise Dental understands the fact that children’s dental health is of utmost importance as it has a definitive impact on their overall well-being too. Experts always emphasise on maintaining oral hygiene for good health, which is especially important for children.  It offers regular consultation for dental check-upstreatment for adults as well as for children. The staff makes maximum effort to provide treatment as early as possible, including through its special 24 hours emergency services. In case an urgency comes up, you can make a call to book an emergency visit for immediate consultation. The kid-friendly Berwick dental clinic is even open to providing out of hours treatment in case you cannot be there during working hours.