What is a Personalized Vitamins Quiz?

What is a Personalized Vitamins Quiz?

Personalized vitamin regimens have become moremore popular as of late,for good reason. Vitamins add many benefits to your healthlifestylework all the better when they are specifically curated to your exact needs. Companies that offer personalized vitamins are usually ownedoperated by medical professionals with a vast knowledge of all vitaminstheir benefits, giving them the knowledge base to find you your perfect fit. How do they do this? When you begin the journey of personal vitamins, you will take a short vitamin quiz asking you details of your lifestyle, age, diet,other factors to give the curators a better idea of who you arewhat you need. 

Why is the Quiz so Specific About my Lifestyle?

Vitamin supplementation is not one size fits all,every lifestyle can benefit differently from different recommended vitamins. The more detailedspecific you can be in your vitamin quiz, the better outcomebenefit you will see. Vitamins can be useful for all kinds of health concerns, from wanting the most healthy pregnancy possible, to trying to get a handle on constant migraines. Dietary details are important as well,will give the experts some insight on what you could be deficient in or what could use a little boost. Potassium is a great example; it helps regulate both water retentionblood pressureprovide optimal muscle function. When you are low on potassium, you can experience higher levels of weaknessfatigue. Sharing these little details can give a more specific picture of what you needwhat will work the best for you. 

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Can I Skip the QuizJust Get the Vitamins?

The point of personalized vitamins is all in the name; they are personalized. Taking the quiz allows the experts to gain an understanding of your wants & needsyou as an individual. Asking for personalized vitamin recommendations without providing personal aspects would be about as productive as walking into your local pharmacy, walking down the vitamin aisle, closing your eyes,picking out a vitamin. 

I am Perfectly Healthy – Why Do I Need to Take Vitamins?

As previously mentioned, vitamins have vast benefits that reach well beyond fitness related improvements.  Finding the perfect combination of vitamins can result in a dependable good night’s sleep, managing constant migraines, easing stressanxiety,so much more! Your health has many facetsdetails that lay beneath the surface that you would probably never think to treat or supplement. Allowing a medical professional to assess your lifestyle, diet,other personal details can identify potential deficiencies that can help control problems before they arise. Vitamins can also help prevent illness, bolster your immune system,keep your body in top working order. Just because you don’t necessarily consider yourself to be unhealthy, doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of adding personalized vitamins to your daily routine.