Revision Tips For Board Exam Students

 Revision Tips For Board Exam Students

The academic year 2020-21 is coming to an end, and soon students will have to sit for the board exams. Students work hard throughout the year to achieve high scores in the examination. The last two months before the board exams are very crucial for students. It is the time when they are done with Syllabus and about to begin with the revision. Here, we have provided some tips for students which will help them during revision. They can create a better exam strategy and use their crucial time for the preparation of the board exam.

Tips For Quick Revision And Preparation Before Board Exam

Students who have to appear for the board exams are worried about their exam preparation. Below, we have provided useful revision and preparation tips which will help them to ace the exam easily.

Go Through The Syllabus

Students should go through the CBSE Syllabus carefully before beginning their revision. They should check out the topics which have been covered and which need to be covered. They should make a separate note of the remaining topics and should study them first. After completing the entire syllabus, they should begin with the revision.

Make A Revision Time Table

It’s very important for students to put their effort in the right direction. The best way for this is to create a study plan. By having a proper time table for revision, students can easily keep track of their studies. They will have a set time duration to complete a particular topic. Thus, they will study on a daily basis in a structured and organised way.

Solving The Sample Papers

Sample papers are the best resource for revision. By solving the CBSE Sample Papers, students will get a good idea of the question paper pattern, the difficulty level of the exam, marks weightage etc. They can also check their current level exam preparation, and by analysing their weak points, they can improve their overall performance for the board exam.

Time Management

 Revision Tips For Board Exam Students

One challenge that most students face during exams is time management. They know the answers, but due to less time, they are not able to attempt them during the exam. Due to which they end up scoring low marks. For this, students need to work on their time management skill. They should be quick enough in writing the answers which they know thoroughly. Also, they need to prepare an exam strategy. Students should first attempt those questions which are easy and less time consuming. Then they should move the moderate level of questions. At the end, they should solve the tricky questions or those which they are less confident about.

Practice… Practice… Practice…

Students should practice as much as they can before the board exam as the practice is the key to success. By practice, they will be able to manage time efficiently during the exam. So, they are advised to solve different types of problems before the exam. That will help them in taking a quick decision to which question they should attempt and which they should leave during the exam.

We hope by following these revision tips, students will pass the exam with flying colours and score high marks in the board exam. We wish all the best to students for their exam preparation.