Are Taxis Safe During COVID?

Are Taxis Safe During COVID?

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While ordering a taxi may have been a part of your daily routine before COVID struck, like most forms of public transport, taxi services have suffered a huge reduction during lockdown. People have not only not required public transport as much but a great many have done their best to avoid using it for obvious reasons. Having said that, not all public transport was created equal and to pool them all into the same group would be doing the Hull private taxi service a great injustice.

The Difference Between Taxis & Other Public Vehicles

When you think of public transport, what comes to mind? Buses? Trains perhaps? And of course Taxis. While they are all public transport, there’s a very clear difference between them, with one in particular setting itself aside in both comfort levels and right now, safety too.

Throughout the day buses and trains carry multiple people. Not only that, but they cannot be cleaned before and after each individual boards them which means everyone is simply at the mercy of each individual rider. Have they used hand sanitiser? Are they wearing a protective enough mask? Are they wearing it correctly? Are they taking the necessary precautions?

With a taxi however, you can enjoy the privacy of a private car journey and what’s more, you’re sharing with only one other – the driver.

By using a reputable company, you ensure that you’re receiving a clean vehicle and being driven by a driver who has also taken the required safety precautions, ensuring they’re clean at all times. They also ensure passengers and drivers use hand sanitiser before they enter and exit the vehicle, wear masks at all times,. Safety is very much at the top of their list and it’s perhaps because of these procedures being put into place that they’ve found themselves being used more and more during this second lockdown.

The Safest Way To Travel

For those who aren unable to use a car of their own, taxi services are a safe option through COVID however, there are ways to help ensure you’re being as safe as you possibly can be and that’s by following these simple pointers:

  • Wearing A Mask – your driver will always be wearing a mask, as should you. Ensure your mask covers both your nose and mouth and do not remove through your entire journey.
  • Opening The Window – ensuring you’re not in an airtight vehicle. Open the windows and let the air flow through the vehicle.
  • Sit In The Furthest Seat Away Possible – avoid the front seat completely. Sit in the back and sit the opposite side to the driver if possible.
  • Using Contactless Payment – where possible, use contactless payment to avoid physical money being passed from person to person.
  • Use Hand Sanitiser – before and after your journey use hand sanitiser.