Essential Steps to Keeping Your Kids Healthy During School Season

Essential Steps to Keeping Your Kids Healthy During School Season

A school is a place where your child can learn new things, but it also means interacting with other kids, some of which may be sick. How do you ensure that your child is protected from illnesses? Besides avoiding sickness, you should also ensure they’re in top condition to do well in school. To that end, here is some advice paediatricians have for parentscaretakers.

Stay Updated on Vaccines

Visit your paediatrician to confirm that your child is up-to-date on all their vaccines. Vaccines are important in preventing the spread of diseases such as measles, chickenpox, flu,more.

Provide Them with All Their Nutritional Needs

Provide your child with a healthy breakfast to give them a good start to the day. Pack them a balanced lunchsnack to ensure they’re getting all the necessary nutrition even in school. School lunches are often poorly madelack the essential vitaminsnutrients for a growing child. It may be challenging to ensure your child eats all the fruitsveggies in their lunchbox, so you can give them vitamin supplements such as Gobi Gold to make up for any deficiencies.

Teach Them the Proper Handwashing Technique

Diseases are often spread when one touches an infected surface. To prevent this, teach your kids to wash their hands often. Instil into them the proper handwashing technique, making sure to use soapwash between the fingers, the back of the hand,under the nails.

Establish a Good Sleep Schedule

Kids need enough sleep to help them stay mentallyphysically healthy. Studies show that sleep helps boost concentration, growth,decreases the chances of sickness in children. Given this, you should implement a strict bedtime at home. Don’t let them bring their phones or handheld games to bed, as using these before sleeping could impact their sleep quality. Using such devices in the dark also ruins their eyesight.

Keep Them Hydrated

Kids will expend plenty of energy in school,they need lots of water to make up for what they lose from sweating throughout the day. Pack them a water bottleensure the school has a working water fountain so they can fill it up once they run out. Being dehydrated might cause your child to suffer from dizziness, vomiting, etc.

Dress Them Properly

Not dressing appropriately for the weather can cause various illnesses, from pneumonia to heatstroke. Before each school day, check the forecastready all the necessities, so your child is dressed for the temperature. Always pack them a foldable umbrella in case of any unexpected rain.

Parenting is a delicate balance of keeping our kids safe vs. letting them live their lives freely. However, your child’s health isn’t something you should compromise on. These tips will help your child have a happyworry-free time in school, helping contribute to a bright future. Consult your paediatrician to see if your child has any specific needs not covered by this article.