This Week’s Top Stories About Head Lice

Head Lice

Head lice are very small parasites that live in our hairsfeed on blood from our scalp. Their bites can itch,most people find them quite repulsive. In addition to this, they are fairly harmlessdon’t carry any disease.

Head lice lay their eggs near the roots of the hair that are close to the scalp. So, in this way, next-generation usually hatches within one week.

You can get rid of lice by using a Novokid lice treatment kit. The eggs that are laid by lice are commonly called nits.

Head lice increase their population very quicklyspread in the head rapidly. In addition to this, once the lice have settled on your scalp, then they don’t go away on their own again. So here we will tell you about This Week’s Top Stories about Head Lice, which are as given below:

Lice Infesting in the Eyelashes:

This week the doctor in china reported a dangerous case of lice infection or an infestation of the pubic lice on the eyelashes that are complete with the clear image or the itchy offenders. The case was reported recently near this week. According to the latest report, a girl of 7 years old visited the hospital after experiencing three weeks of itchy eyelids.

When the doctor examines her, the girl’s eyelid was reddened,when the doctor looked closer, he found the presence of the licenits in the girl’s eyelashes. After that, this louse is confirmed to be Phthirus pubis, also known as pubic lice or crabs. For the lice, the most recommended kit is the Novokid lice Treatment kit.

Pesticide has been Linked to an Increased Risk for Thyroid Cancer: 

According to an investigation done on the male pesticide applicators, the investigation shows that some pesticide such as metalaxyllindane was associated with the increased risk of thyroid cancer. Most of the pesticides are known to have thyroid-disrupting properties.

In this way, Novokid is recommended for lice that contain no pesticide that causes thyroid cancer. Some studies also have shown the connection between the specific pesticide ingredientsthe risk of thyroid cancer. So in this way, some pesticides can cause thyroid cancer.

Girl Dies Due To Lice Infestation:

The girl died in Georgia due to lies infestation, according to the report, when her family called the emergency services because her daughter was in unconsciousunresponsive condition. Then doctors found that she had a severe lice infestation. According to the police, her mother calls the health services. However, doctors said that her extreme negligence caused the girl unbearable pain that is eventually killed her.

Investigators refused to give any more details at this timeexcept to say that it was the worst thing that they had seen. The most recommended treatment for lice is the Novokid lice treatment kit.

What are we with Human Lice? 

A bloodsucking eco-parasite includes two ecotypes known as a head lousea body louse. They are slightly different in morphology, but they have the same ecologies. So in this way, they are classified on mitochondrial clades. According to recent studies, body louse spread disease, but head louse also transmits diseases that catch the greater attention of the serious public as you know that head louse infestation is very common worldwide, especially in school children.

The transmission of the lice occurs due to head-to-head contact. As we talk about body louse, the body louse infestation is less widespreadmostly found due to poor hygienea lack of sanitation, overcrowding, dampcold weather conditions. For that reason, body louse is mostly found in the homeless, jail,refugee populations.

In addition to this, their role is very dangerous. Therefore, the louse infestation cause itching that may result in intense irritation. Furthermore, severe itching can lead to excoriations in which a secondary bacterial infection is likely to occur. You can get rid of lice by Novokid lice treatment kit.