Top 12 Reasons Why Your Eyes Are Watery

Top 12 Reasons Why Your Eyes Are Watery

It must be irritating when you see something in your eye. It could be anything dirt, dusteyelash,you would see more tears to flush it out. Particles in smoke or chemicals in onions would trigger the water,it’s important to be treated as soon as possible. If you want your eyes to stop watering, then get to know about the reasons we have mentioned here in this blog. Have a look

Dry Eyes

Many of you would have problems with dry eyes because your body doesn’t produce enough tears. It would dry up your eyes too quickly because they don’t have the right water balance, oilsmucus. There are so many things that cause issues because of windy dayslead you to certain medical conditions. Make sure you are aware of how your eyes reactnot make more tears.

Pink Eye

Pink eyes are also the main reason for watery eyes in childrenadults. It can make your eyes look pink or red as well as feel itchy. There are chances that bacteria or any harmful virus have gotten into the eyes. Viral infections won’t be treated with any particular treatment but take antibiotic eye drops for the pink eye solution.


Watery, itchy eyes cause cough, runny nose,other allergic symptoms, leading to eye allergies. The allergy medicines include eye drops that avoid triggers such as pollen, mold or pet dander. Colds can cause watery eyes, which won’t make you itchy enough.

Blocked Tear Duct

Do you know if ducts get cloggedtears build-up, then your eyes get watery? Normally tears flow out of the tear glands above the eyeget spread across the surface of the eyeball. Many other problems, such as infections, injuries,aging, cause blocked tear duct problems.

Alcohol Addiction

People with alcohol addiction or any drug abuse should know how much they are ruining their eyes. Consumption of a small amount of alcohol increases watery eyes symptomsburning sensations in the eyes, discomfort,eye fatigue. Leave alcohol addiction because it also decreases the eyesight as wellmakes your vision blurred. Bloodshot eyes are common after excessive consumption of alcohol,you should have used a cold spoon compress, cold bread press, witch hazelother remedies to get rid of this. If you are in excessive consumption of alcohol, then we would suggest you consult top-notch rehabs around you. If you are living in Indiana, you can receive treatment from Rehabs in Indiana because they would help addicts to bring back to sober life.


Droopy Eyelids

Well, many times, the eyelid has fallen over timeblocks sight. It would happen because of cosmetic surgery,when it shows up quickly, it is normally a sign of stroke, brain tumor, nerve problems,muscle disease. Contact your doctor to get rid of this immediately.

Scratch on the Eye

There are so many reasons for scratching over the eye, including dirt, sandcontact lenses which can scratch the outside of the eyeball. If you see your eye look red, sensitive to light, tear up,other issues, then no worries, these scratches would be fine within a day or two. Don’t forget to consult with a doctor because treatment is essential for preventing infection.

Dysfunction Of The Oil Gland

The Meibomian glands occur in eyelids to produce the oily component of tears. The oil prevents the water from tears. If these glands are not producing enough oil, then definitely you are going to have watery eyes. People with watery eyes should take a clean, hot towel over their eyelids to help with oil glands. Gentle massage of your eyelids helps to increase oil production. Take diluted baby shampoo,the cotton swab dipped will help to clear blocked openings.


These are types of little red bumps which grow on the eyelidcause teary eyes. Styes are caused by bacterial infections, which often get hurt. It is like a pimple on the eyelid. Styes are not serious but annoying for some period,this takes a warm compress which will help you speed up healing. Take consultation from a doctor who would help to drain a stye because it would spread the infection. Avoid squeezing a stye because it can spread the infection.

Eyelid Problems

There are possible chances of problematic eyelids or eyelashes because they can dry out the eyesmake them teary. Eyelids that turn outward or inward cause watery eyes,artificial tears help to minimize the discomfort, but these problems require surgery. Avoid rubbing your eyes because it causes them to water. Eyelid problems are a natural symptom of aging,when we get older, the skin of eyelids become saggy. It causes tears instead of draining through tear ducts.

Crossed Or Turned Eyes

When your eyes are not in the same direction, they send different images to the brain from weakened eyes. Crossed or turned eyes affect 1 in 25 children. Most glasses will straighten out the eyeshelp to work together when surgery is needed to correct the unbalanced eye muscles.

Yellowish Eyes

If the white of your eyes looks yellow, then it’s a sign of having jaundice. The liver disease would result in hepatitis, gallstonescancer disease. Make sure you have consulted the doctor. Yellow spots in the eyes would grow, such as fleshy tissue,people don’t need any treatment for this because it won’t interfere with their vision.

These are the reasons for having watery eyesif you people have these, then get yourself treated because it may spread allergies or any disinfection. Mostly eye diseases are caused by untreated high blood sugarhigh blood pressure, such as nerve problems, vision loss, cardiovascular diseasediabetic coma. Get it diagnosed on an immediate basis.

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