Your Comprehensive Guide To Buying Camphor Oil In 2022

Your Comprehensive Guide To Buying Camphor Oil In 2022

Camphor, also known as Cinnamomum camphora, is an organic compound widely used to make lotions, creams, and ointments. Camphor trees are the only source to extract camphor oil, which then gets processed via steam distillation. Today, medical science recommends the topical use of this oil to relieve itching, irritation, and pain. Plus, camphor oil is used to relieve inflammatory conditions and chest congestion. If you’re determining where to buy camphor oil, then the best online stores should be your go-to option. However, when buying camphor oil online, you’ll have to know certain things. For instance, it comes in different colors, so you must know which one is the right choice for therapeutic applications. Similarly, before you use something, you should know its benefits and how it can help. If you’re considering camphor oil, buy it from a reputed brand, and know what benefits it brings to you. So, keep reading to find out.

Camphor Oil Colors: What Do They Mean?

It’s imperative to know that camphor oil has four grades and colors:

  • White: It is the only type of camphor oil that can be used for therapeutic purposes. It is clear and transparent and great for medical use.
  • Blue: It is a toxic color-grade camphor oil that is not ideal for any medical use. One should always avoid getting in contact with such liquid forms.
  • Yellow and Brown: Both these color grades are toxic, consisting of high levels of safrole.

Note: One should only use camphor oil if it’s extremely pale or clear.

What Is It Beneficial To Use Camphor Oil?

Camphor oil comes with a plethora of benefits to humankind. Thanks to its excellent anti-inflammatory properties, it is now considered a major ingredient in balms, liniments, and vapor rubs. Several people use this oil to get relief from pain, itching, and irritation. Being used as an ingredient in other topical products, it’s also considered to ease chest congestion and inflammatory conditions. Some health benefits of using camphor oil are as follows:

1. Get Rid of Skin Issues

According to a study, camphor oil alleviates eczema or atopic dermatitis pathologic systems. It’s recommended that one should always use camphor oil products with a camphor concentration of 11% or less. Also, you should not apply camphor oil products on any injured or broken skin as it leads to some consequences. It’s best to follow the instructions given on the camphor oil product before use.

2. Get Relief From Pain

Several pain relief medications (even topical analgesics) use camphor oil as one of their primary ingredients. It may help stimulate blood circulation and treat muscle pains and ache by interacting with sensory nerves’ receptors. You can also treat and reduce chronic muscle and joint pain by using camphor oil products. According to a 2016 study, it’s proven that camphor oil is highly effective in relieving lower back pain. Camphor oil ensures dual hot and cold action to numb and cool the nerve endings. Subsequently, it warms the painful spot by increasing blood circulation into the stiff muscles and joints.

3. Get Relief From Headaches

Medical science is still researching the use of camphor oil to relieve headaches. However, it’s all-known that essential plant oil helps treat headaches, even those associated with migraine. According to a 2019 study, the impact of camphor oil on migraine was found to be good. The essential oil helped to weaken neurogenic inflammation and suppress pain-signaling pathways. However, if your headaches are persistent, it’s best to seek a doctor’s advice.

4. Get Relief From Cough and Congestion

Camphor oil is one of the preferred choices for aromatherapy as it relieves respiratory congestion. Also, it helps to ease coughs in adults and children with its antitussive properties. These are a few reasons why camphor oil is used to make common chest rubs. An individual may try to apply these camphor oil products on their chest or feet, in which case, it’s best to wear socks afterward. Also, you can dissolve the product in hot water and breathe in its steam.

5. Get Relief From Superficial Burns

In 2015, a study was conducted to find whether camphor oil could help heal superficial burns. The study showed that a blend of camphor oil with coconut oil could ensure prominent burn care when getting treated in a hospital. The study authors claimed that patients who got treated with this oil mixture had witnessed less pain and enhanced quality of life. There were no “undue” side effects of the combination.

6. Treat Arthritis

Several camphor products can effectively relieve inflammation, swelling, and pain due to arthritis. You will get distracted from the pain due to the hot and cold sensation that comes from applying these products. Applying the camphor product to the affected parts of the body can help you treat arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

7. Treat Toenail Fungus

Camphor’s antifungal properties help it effectively treat toenail fungus. A 2011 research showed that using a camphor vapor rub effectively treated toenail fungus. If you apply the camphor product a few times a day on the affected toenails, there are high chances that you’ll treat it completely.

8. Antispasmodic

You can also use camphor oil products as muscle rub as it helps relieve spasms and stiffness, and muscle cramps. Camphor consists of a relaxant and antispasmodic properties, says a 2004 study. You can use a muscle rub and massage it onto the sore muscle groups a couple of times a day.

9. Other Benefits of Camphor Oil

You can also use camphor oil to treat acne, earaches, hemorrhoids, poor blood circulation, anxiety, muscle spasms, hair loss, warts, cold sores, heart disease symptoms, low libido, flatulence, and depression.

Final Words

Camphor oil products have become widely popular in treating wide-ranging issues, including pain and skin conditions. If you’re pregnant or taking any medication, it’s best to consult the doctor before using any of the camphor oil products. Also, you must check the instructions given on the camphor oil product’s package to get the most out of this therapeutic ingredient.

FAQs –

1. Can I use Camphor Oil for Itching Daily?

You can use a 3% to 11% camphor oil three to four times a day to get rid of skin itching.

2. Is Camphor Oil Beneficial to Hair?

When blended with coconut oil, Camphor oil can be beneficial to hair and treat split ends, infections, dandruff, and scalp dryness.

3. Is Camphor Great for Treating Colds?

Camphor is considered an active ingredient for plenty of over-the-counter medications that help relieve colds and coughs.

4. Are Camphor Oil Products Costly?

No, camphor oil isn’t costly as several reputed brands understand the high demand for this standard therapeutic solution and offer camphor products at affordable prices.

5. Is Camphor Oil Readily Available?

Yes, camphor oil products are readily available, especially on eCommerce websites and online stores.