Physiotherapy And Back Pain?

Many people across Britain experience back pain and just suffer with the pain. Some people think that back pain is just a part of aging and people that do strenuous physical work come to believe that back pain is just part of the job. The majority of people that suffer even excruciating back pain never ask if physiotherapy can help them find relief from their pain.

The answer to the question about physiotherapy and the relief of back pain is an incontrovertible yes. Physiotherapy can relieve back pain and the expertise of practitioners from physiotherapy Cambridge can teach a person how to avoid the cause of back pain.

Pain is caused by a chemical reaction that is normal. Once an injury occurs, inflammatory agents and other body chemicals are produced and go to the site of the injury specifically. These chemicals aid the healing process up to a point. The chemicals that cause pain and relieve pain cannot be removed from the muscles without movement.

Most people that have back pain avoid movement and exercise. This inactivity keeps the person that suffers from back pain hurting. The lack of movement prevents the body from removing the chemicals that cause pain.

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Physiotherapy has developed a routine of therapies that address the causes of back pain directly. Back pain can result from excess strain, too much exercise, improper lifting of even small weights, and the rigors of physical labor. Automobile accidents and falls are two of the leading causes of back pain. A bulging disc is a frequent and treatable cause of back pain. Severe back pain can be caused by improper posture and sitting for extended period of time.

Physiotherapy treatments for back pain vary based on the location of the pain and the cause. Movement is the key to all back pain relief. Severe back pain that limits a person’s movement is usually addressed first with deep massage. The massage provides the movement that removes the pain causing chemicals from the muscles and strengthens the muscles that are affected by back pain. Extreme pain is often alleviated by exercise in a swimming pool because the water provides added support that helps eliminate the pain.


As a person begins to feel relief from their back pain, physiotherapy Cambridge will implement a series of exercises designed to strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments that have undergone undue strain and produced back pain. The exercise regimen begins slowly with simple exercises that can be a simple as stepping up and down on a stair several times a day.

The number of exercises and the length of the routine increases as progress is made in pain relief. The key to success is continuation of an exercise program that is fitted specifically to any given individual’s back pain problem.

Physiotherapy also provides the greatest potential for permanent relief from back pain issues. Changes in posture, changes in the position a person sleeps in, a change in foot wear, and wearing a back support while working or exercising are some of the simple yet extremely effective methods that physiotherapy uses to prevent back pain from returning.

Prevention of back pain necessarily requires that exercise become a regular routine in a person’s life. The strengthening of the back muscles can bring relief from the worst back pain. Even bulging discs respond remarkably well to physiotherapy treatments.

Research, clinical studies, and many pain free patients have proven the efficacy of physiotherapy in treating back pain. Like all branches of medical science, physiotherapy is constantly evolving and developing new techniques that treat back pain successfully.

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