Will Using The Best E-Cigarette Be Good For A Mother?

Smoking is a personal choice and cannot be totally restricted and stopped at once, especially if a person is addicted to it. But, yes obviously, the person can go for choosing an alternative that is best suitable for the person as the use of such a device affects them and their family members also. To reduce the habit of smoking, researchers have come up with the idea of E-cigarettes which is quite trending. There are a lot of manufacturers who make you believe that they manufacture the best e-cigarettes with the best designs and looks in the form of cigars or pipes, traditional tobacco cigarettes, pens or USB memory sticks with tanks containing the liquid, you must go for the best e cigarette available to you after doing a research about their features.

Prefer e-cigs over traditional certificates

There is a large section of female population also that smoke, but when they are conceiving a baby, even they are conscious and think before smoking. But with the introduction of e-cigarettes, many women prefer them over traditional cigarettes because it is perceived to be safer way of smoking as it contains flavours and does not contain many regular substances that normally cigarettes have. But, according to the studies conducted all across the globe, it is considered that it contains nicotine that is most injurious to prenatal development that is during pregnancy.

Prevention is always better than cure. Although, the manufacturers have a say that the smoke would not affect a person to a great extent, but then why take the chance. They are harmless to an extent in comparison to the old way of smoking cigarettes, but still affect the health, especially in case of pregnancy because they contain toxic metals like cadmium, nickel, lead and also an element of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde that have the tendency to cause cancer.

Sometimes, in some brands of e-cigarettes, the vapour is found to have contents of some cancer causing nitrosamines which can be really dangerous. Hence, to take care of one’s health as well as their unborn child, e-cigarettes should also not be considered an alternative of conventional smoking and cigarettes. As a responsible would be mother, one should avoid it totally and also avoid being in an atmosphere where people smoke.

E-cigarettes comprise of the following components: a cartridge (holds a liquid solution containing varying amounts of nicotine, flavourings, and other chemicals), a battery that is used as a power source and a heating device or a vaporizer. The heating device is activated with the puffing which vaporizes the liquid element in the sealed package which is then inhaled by the person, unlike the smoke inhaled in case of traditional cigarettes. Hence, they are considered to be better and safe than the old and traditional cigarettes that people still use today because in case of e-cigarettes tobacco is not burnt and nicotine is not consumed while inhaling the smoke within. They have become easily popular among the crowd because it is easily available through online stores and kiosks having different flavours that attract the youth and people. They contain nicotine which is derived from tobacco; still they are not subjected to regulation as tobacco goods.


As a mother you have your own responsibilities towards your health and your family also. So, even if you wish to smoke at times, avoid the use of traditional cigarette and do make sure that you have chosen a licensed brand so that you are aware of what you are inhaling.