Chinese Herbs – Are They Good To Use?

People living in Asia have benefited from using Chinese herbs for literally thousands of years. The conventional Chinese pharmacopeias list down hundreds of conditions for which the herbs can be prescribed, from migraine to asthma to herpes zoster. From the last two decades there has been a huge boom in the natural healthcare industry. Different kinds of herbs that were once only found in the Chinese herbal pharmacies are now made available in health spasgrocery stores. Presently, there are several over-the-counter supplements that comprise of Chinese herbs. The marketing hype that is offered in regard to many of these supplements suggests that they are best utilized as a stimulant or for weight loss. The prime reason for this is probably because obesity has now become a major health concern in the USAincreasingly worldwide.

The Appropriate Use of Chinese Herbs

There is no concise answer to this, but there are some crucial considerations that can certainly help you make best choices.

Good Quality

Quality happens to be the prime consideration. Just like other herbal products, the manufacturer of Chinese herbal supplements is not regulated. Good Manufacturing practices are crucial. The manufacturer should be following GMP standards to ensure qualityconsistency.

Right Usage

Are you taking the right Chinese herb? This can be tough to answer. Most of the traditional Chinese herbs like ginsengastragalus are considered quite benign when consumed in recommended dosages. Some herbs such as ephedra can be quite harmfulpotent when taken inappropriately.

Are You Taking The Right Chinese Herbs?

The easiest approach to ensure that you are taking the right Chinese herbs for the right reasons is to consult with a certified Chinese herbalist. Generally, these specialists will be licensed acupuncturists, who within their licensure have extensive training in Chinese herbsmedicine. They will take your condition in consideration, your current supplementsmedications,they will have a good knowledge of the quality of products they are dispensing.

If you intend to pick your own Chinese herbs, keep it simple. Only opt for herbs for their traditional indications. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Ensure to consult your physicianhave regular check-ups regarding your symptoms. By following these useful tips, you can safely continue to enjoy the numerous amazing health benefits provided by these Chinese herbs as they have been enjoyed throughout the time.