Migraine In Children And How It Is Different From Migraine In Adults!

One of the most debilitating headache or pain in general, is migraine. It affects about 15% of the entire population globally. Despite this huge number, there is a lack of awareness regarding this headache type. In fact, many people do not believe that their headache type could be migraine. This can be due to their lack of knowledge about what this headache ishow it can be treated. What is even more difficult about this headache type is that even children can suffer from migraine. In fact migraine in children is as common as migraine in adults.

The pain is so severe that even the adults fail to cope with it. Hence, it is quite obvious that the children will suffer even more. To make sure that children are given proper supporttreatment, the parents or caregivers need to understand about this pain.

How is migraine in children different?

It is not new for people that migraine is a throbbing or pulsating sensation or pain in one side of the head. But, what is new is that migraine in children is slightly different from the adult sufferers.

  • While the adults experience pain on one side of their head, children experience pain on both sides.
  • The migraine attacks last for shorter span in children. The attack subsides within an hour.
  • The pain, however, increases within two to four hours of the attack.
  • Children may experience no headache at all in case of migraine. They may experience severe abdomen pain instead.
  • As the pain goes away, the children may fall sick. The sickness following this attack is way more serious than the pain.
  • The pain is almost always sudden, occurringincreasing in intensity within 15 minutes.

Why does migraine in children occur?

Now that you have understood the nature of migraine headache in childrenhow it is different from that of the adults, it is important that you understand its causes. As a parent or caregiver, it will help you to avoid those factors that lead to a migraine attack. Here it needs to be mentioned that the exact causes of migraine headache are not known. But, some external factors are commonly identified that trigger this pain. These include –

  • Change in sleeping pattern
  • Certain foods that need to be avoided, but the sufferer will experience craving for that particular food
  • Staying dehydrated
  • Skipping meals or not eating enough
  • Too much of physical exhaustion through games, exercises etc.
  • Glaring at the computer screen
  • Too much of stress
  • Environmental condition such as change in weather or increased barometric pressure.

These triggers of migraine in children vary from child to child. Hence, keeping a track of these triggers will help you to avoid them. The doctors always recommend that you use a migraine diary that can be downloaded from this link http://www.mewithoutmigraine.com/migraine-diary/.

It is always recommended that you take your child to a doctor if you suspect that he or she is suffering from migraine headaches. Migraine in children can be managed well with the help of a skilled doctor.