Five Reasons Someone May Need Living Assistance

One of the most difficult things we have to face in life is deciding whether our loved ones may be in need of assisted living already. Although there’s no certain way to know,it’s usually based on practical matters, as well as what your heart tells you, here are some of the reasons that he/she may be in need of living assistance. And, if you are worried about possible elder abuse in a facility you can easily file a claim with the help of reputable attorneys, such as Dolman Law Groupget great assistance.

1. Difficulty in Moving

This is one of the most common reasons why a lot of families consider assisted living. If an elderly loved one already has mobility issuesfinds it difficult to go from one place to another, it is suggested that he or she should have living assistance to avoid the risks of fallingget some help with transferring to a wheelchair.

2. Trouble with Staying Clean

Sometimes, an elderly finds it difficult to maintain personal hygiene or keep their clothing cleaning. Worse case scenario, they even can’t dress themselves anymore,end up spoiling their clothes.

This isn’t that hard to spot at all, because even a close hug would allow you to notice the changes happening in the personal hygiene habits of your loved ones.

3. Home Safety Issues

This usually goes along with mobility issues in a sense that when a person starts to have trouble getting around the home, operating appliances, going updown the stairs, a living assistance should be considered. If neglected, this could put the healthsafety of your loved one at risk, because they will be living in a very unsafe environment.

4. DepressionLoneliness

If your loved one is living alone, it could cause him severe lonelinessdepression. This has been proven, because a lot of elderly without a spouse agreed that most of the time, they do feel lonelydepressed– they are very much aware that they need some form of companionship.

Aside from that, living alonethe fact that you’re starting to lose independence can make your depression worse. On the other hand, with living assistance, you’ll have the opportunity to socialize with otherstake part in various activities that interests you.

5. Social Signs

You have to start thinking realistically for your loved one, as well as his social connections. As we age, the social circles get smaller– this can have a negative impact on the safetyhealth of a person.

Try to see if your loved one still attends get together, visits neighbors, or organize outings with friends. Does he/she still participate in religious activitiesother events? Lack of companionship is usually associated with depressionheart problems in older adults.

In case that your loved one recently lost his spouse, or most of his friends have already died, moving him into an assisted living would really be ideal because he’d be able to see other people still.