How to Break Free from the Caffeine Trap

Can’t seem to get away from the loving embrace of caffeine? You’re not alone. Millions of people from all over the world are addicted to caffeinethe effects it can bring. We need it in the morning to start our day. We need it as we work to sustain concentrationfocus.

But how much is too much, though? How do we break free from being entirely dependent on caffeine? Here are some of the most effective ways to break free without experiencing sudden withdrawal symptoms:

Get More Sunshine

There are natural ways to get energy,going outdoors is one of them. Capture some sun rays for your daily intake of vitamin Dyou’ll also energize your senses. As long as you’re outside, why not walk around for a little exercise? It can help re-focusincrease creativity. The fresh air is as good as caffeine in stimulating our bodies. All of these things are free,they will save you money instead of buying that caffeinated product for the nth time.


Stop automatically reaching for that caffeine-laden cup when you’re feeling tired or sleepy. There’s a better, more natural way to energize,that’s exercise. You can get invaluable tipsplenty of helpful resources at for foods that provide huge energy boostsessential nutrients.

At work, napping for a while isn’t really a viable solution. There are plenty of alternatives to try. Do some light stretching for a good 10 minutes to shake off that sleepy feeling. Take a quick brisk walk outside to recharge your senses. Establish a workout routine or revisit an old outdoor hobby such as running or cycling. You can even make your pet pooch happy by taking them for a walk around the neighborhood.

Get Half Decaf

Half of one whole is still better than none, so keep this in mind when making your favorite caffeinated beverage the next time. Mix in half non-caffeinated coffee with the other caffeinated halfconsume it. It might take a while to get used to. Plus, you’ll have to spend more time in preparing coffee, but it’s an effective way to break free from caffeine’s hold. The perks are still there, but you’re getting only half the dose.

You can cut back on caffeine this way up to 75%. You can also put in the mixture on a container so you wouldn’t have to measurecalculate on each cup your prepare.

Count Your Consumption

How many cups or cans of caffeine have you had today? If you can’t answer in 10 seconds or less, then you’re not really tracking your intake. Being aware is one step towards breaking the caffeine habit. Simply start the habit of counting both the unitsthe amount of caffeine in each cup or can. You will usually find nutrition labels on all caffeinated productshow much serving size they have in one can. Set a limit to how much you’d like to realistically consume each day, then trystick to the limit. Take away the caffeine graduallystart adding in healthier caffeine alternatives, such as exercise, watersunshine.