Different Testing Offered At Patient-Friendly Pathology Center Dwarka

Physicians rely heavily on diagnostics while dealing with patients and their ailments. Proper testing of blood and other fluid samples directs the course of treatment. Common ailments, especially minor and mild infections in the body require testing in pathologies to ascertain the causes. Modern facilities like the DIC an pathology center in Dwarka offer a great help to physicians in assisting patients with timely advice. A lot of tests are conducted in pathology labs for a wide range of health conditions like diabetes, liver dysfunction, and gastrointestinal ailments.

Different tests in pathology center Dwarka

You encounter series of tests and processes in the pathology center in Dwarka conducted by well-trained technicians. Your health checkup processes are properly organized in the center and samples well read by concerned physicians and specialized doctors. As elsewhere, you will find various tests like the ones below in the pathology centers.

  • Liver Function Tests –

You get a group of blood tests that measure enzymes and proteins in your blood related to liver functioning. Measurement levels indicate the health of your liver. Figures that offshoot or fall short of the healthy threshold mark the patient for further advice from a doctor.

  • Urinalysis –

Urine tests are keys to the diagnosis of kidney ailments and diabetes and are standard tests in pathology. Your urine samples are studied for anomalies in protein composition.

  • Thyroid Function Test –

This test measures the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone(TSH) in the blood. Any imbalance in TSH triggers issues like weight gain, anxiety, hair loss, diarrhea and other ailments.

Proper diagnosis of pathology ensures detection of potential health hazards and possibility of effective treatment.

If you are a heart patient, pathology center Dwarka also provides Echo testing services. Fetal Echocardiogram for pregnant patients available in the center is crucial to monitor heart conditions of unborn babies. Advanced cardiogram machines are present for testing at the center.

Quality Service:

Diagnosis at pathology center Dwarka is marked by efficient, modern and affordable services. Modern testing machines like cardiograms and Blood Chemistry Analyzer are installed at the center to give doctors, high-quality readings of samples. Equipment are periodically analyzed for glitches and continual improvement.

Well trained technicians assist the physicians and patients for a hassle-free testing experience. Experts also intimate diet plans to patients during a test.

Home collection service is also provided by the best centers for patients wherein they can dial the clinic and fix appointments to get blood or urine samples collected from home. It adds extra convenience to customers in the process of their health monitoring.

Quick access to test results:

Patients have a carefree testing at the pathology center Dwarka as they provide an online service for test tracking and downloading test results. Round the clock telephonic assistance is also there for patients to clarify their queries related to tests.

Striving for customer satisfaction and excellence in service, DIC an pathology test clinic Dwarka serves patients with the latest testing devices in thoughtful processes. Competent technicians including pathologists and radiologists man dedicated labs to assist patients and physicians in providing error free diagnostics. Devices for tests are continually monitored and analyzed for any required improvement.