18Shake Review: Is 18Shake A Scam or Legit?


In the world of meal replacement products, one can only go so far as familiarizing a couple of brands as there are millions of them out there, each one promising the best results that you could possibly imagine in a price varying from affordable to costing an arm and a leg. With this, it would only be natural for a potential customer to be very careful of what he plans to buy as sometimes, there is no guarantee if the product is genuine or not and many are the instances of buyers being scammed. Of course, we are not saying that all of them are fake and are there just to fool customers and get their money. That is why in this article, we are featuring one of the widely-known meal replacement shakes in the market and get to see more of its ingredients, effects, and product reviews.

What is 18Shake?

18shake is a meal replacement shake with all-natural ingredients, including a duo-formula of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Both of these ingredients are of high quality and not only are they easy to digest, but are also adequate for your daily protein needs with 15 grams in every serving, making them powerful tools for losing weight. With just a gram of sugar in it and 5 grams of high-quality fiber added, it is a perfect combo to suppress your appetite and at the same time add flavor to the shake without sacrificing its taste.

Who is the manufacturer of 18Shake?

The manufacturer of 18Shake is 18Nutrition, and they operate out of Los Angeles, California. There are no outstanding reports that have stained the reputation of the company and have a pretty positive standing when it comes to customer satisfaction, as their track record proves. Not only that, but they also maintain a good relationship with the Better Business Bureau, so you can be assured that this company knows how to treat their customers. In regards to one of their products which is 18Shake, they are transparent with the ingredients of the shake, there is a detailed scientific explanation why this ingredient is included and how the shake works, and they even offer a 30-day money back guarantee, if you’re not satisfied with the product at all.

Does 18Shake work?

18Shake’s official website gives the details of all the benefits of the meal-replacement shake and support it with scientific research and evidence. The B vitamin and the enhanced minerals present in the shake provide energy and at the same time help you lose weight. It even has thyroid boosting effect, said to help keep your thyroid healthy with the iodine also added in the shake. You can find more scientific details in their official website.

They also warn users of possible harm from using other products with GMO, while putting into spotlight the proven beneficial effects of whey protein that their shake contains. This is the perfect meal replacement shake that is packed with the right amount of fiber, protein, carbs to satisfy you like a balanced meal would. The 18shake has only 90 calories, an extremely small figure for a calorie in a meal that gives you the nutrients you need and keeps you from feeling hungry all the time.

18Shake Ingredients and Dosage

At the back of the pack, you will see a long list of vitamins and minerals that are present in 18shake. It boasts a blend of ingredients which are all-natural that do the work for you. There is digestive resistant maltodextrin, a soluble fiber which is very potent and improves over-all gut health, a gram of sugar from stevia extract which has minimal effects on your health or even none at all yet is considered to be the best sweetener available. It is because unlike other sweeteners like fructose, cane sugar, or corn syrup, it doesn’t have weight-gaining and addictive properties. 18 essential minerals and vitamins are also included in large volumes, which is important since you are replacing your regular meal with it, after all, so you better get as many vitamins and minerals as you can as needed per day. You may opt to have one to two shakes a day, depending on what you are trying to achieve, but one shake a day is already a balanced meal replacement.

Are there potential side effects?

Considering the fact that this product makes use of a blend of all-natural ingredients, it won’t have any side effects like other meal replacement supplements with chemicals and non-synthetic ingredients in it. Furthermore, this product does not contain soy as well, which is widely used in most meal replacement products, ensuring its customers that this will not cause any hormonal imbalances. Not to mention that they have used stevia as a sweetener, which is not only safe to use, but also contributes more to a better health than its counterparts. All the ingredients in this product are meticulously reviewed and thoroughly studied before they are included and are all blended in a specifically balanced process.

What is your opinion on 18Shake?

Well, personally, I would love to have a taste of this product and try it to see the results for myself. As a shake promising astounding results that also come with mouth-bursting taste, it is totally not one of those sacrifices that you make for your body, since this is a total pleasure, both in your mouth and body. With positive reviews as well from users all over the world that have experienced the effect of the shake firsthand, no potential buyer can surely look away and not even consider this shake to be in their shopping list.


We couldn’t emphasize more the fact that despite of all the meal replacement products out there using artificial and non-synthetic chemicals, 18Shake has managed to combine natural ingredients altogether in one perfectly blended shake that has helped a countless number of customers all over the world. The reviews are even more overwhelming, before-and-after pictures and testimonials have been uploaded to the website to vouch for the effectiveness of the product. With this, the truth of 18Shake’s authenticity couldn’t be any clearer.