Types Of MRI’s And Their Benefits With Akumin

There are variety of different MRI procedures that are available to the general public. MRI’s have become gradually more popular over the years and now, it is a universal imaging and scanning method for obtaining detailed pictures of an individual’s body. The most common types of MRIs are closed-bore MRIs. This was the first kind of MRI machine and considering that these machines are thousands of dollars, many medical imaging centers have not replaced their first machines with newer ones yet. This machine is the worst for claustrophobic people. Patients are laid down onto a platform that slides into a closed tunnel. This tunnel is tight and could be problematic for individuals that have trouble breathing or do not like being in confined spaces.

Over the past couple of years, medical imaging technologies have evolved. To battle patient anxiety and claustrophobia, save space, and save money, physicians around the world began to experiment with open MRI machines. Akumin is one of the few brands in the United States that currently has only open MRI machines at nearly all of their centers. Typically, an open MRI machines has two flat magnets placed above and below the patient (in the machines) so patients can pay in-between. As a result of only having magnets above and below, the machine is open on both sides and therefore does not have any confinement on the sides such as a tunnel does. Likewise, the wide-bore MRI strives to achieve the same feeling for patients. Although it is closed like a tunnel, the tunnel is much wider than a traditional MRI machine and it is a very short tunnel therefore patients can see out of either side.

The most important takeaway is that patients must be comfortable. While some patients are indifferent to the method used, some want a say and what to feel comfortable during the process. Medical imaging and scanning can be intimidating to new comers and children. Consider Akumin when you are seeking an imaging center. With centers across the United States, they only offer open MRIs to make you feel comfortable and safe.