Make A Habit Of Being Sharper And Smarter

Is there something out there that can make you more focused, sharper,smarter in real life? You’ll find out in just a moment. I don’t know if you guys have seen the movie Limitless starred by Bradley Cooper. There is this drug in the film known as NZT-48 that gives you access to your entire brain gifting you with endless capabilities.

This was back way back in 2011. Almost a decade has passedcertainly, by now, there has to be a pill somewhere that allows you to access the full potential of your brain.

There is this one smart drug that’s called Modafinil that can actually unlock your brains full potential. Its original name being ProvigilNuvigilyou can buy modafinil online now.

The FDA approved Modafinil has been widely adopted for medicinalnon-medicinal purposes. It’s already out there. The Guardian actually named it “the world’s first safe smart drug.”

Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurstechnical officers like the folks down in Silicon Valley get so much done under intense pressure? Well, they often need intellectual stimulation to keep up with the ever-demanding tech industry.

How Modafinil works

Modafinil increases the sensitivity of your brain to excitatory neurotransmitters, to be precise, sensitivity to noradrenaline. With increased sensitivity, your memory, attentionlearning abilities will tremendously improve.

It is therefore used for cognitive-enhancing purposesmakes you remain alert for a really long time.

With modafinil 200mg dosage, you can sustain peak performance for 10 complete hours. Customers have reviewed this drugall are utterly satisfiedfind the results quite positive, to say the least. It does not heavily rely on boosting your performance by increasing your heart rate the way coffeemost energy drinks do.

The best thing about Modafinil is that you’ll also get your moodyour wakefulness improved. You’ll feel motivatedactually enjoy doing lots of tasks.

How safe is it?

The drug has the absolutely no major side effects.

More than 1200 shortlong-term scientific studies on over 3500 have been conductedit’s been concluded that all humans can properly tolerate Modalfin. Not so many of us know how electricity works but we enjoy the benefits of it.

Its susceptibility to abuse is also quite low. Negative things have been said about smart drugs with no tangible proof. Let’s set the records straight.

Modafinil has been used for over 17 years now in more than 20 different countries. No fatalities have ever occurred as a result.


The 200mg medication is usually taken every morning by mouth.

A beginner should start with 100mg per day.

No one should exceed the 400mg limit. That means you should not take more than 2 pills a day.

One should also take the pill at least 90 minutes prior to engaging in any vigorous activities.

It also important to keep yourself hydrated when using the drug.

You should also not rely on it to counter sleepiness. It’s good to always get enough sleep.

Minor Effects

Some the possible cons include a reduction in appetite since noradrenaline inhibits digestive processes.

You may also experience a slight increase in heart rate, blood pressure,minor headaches.