What is Teeth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a process in cosmetic dentistry that helps to get rid of stains and discoloration. Whitening features among the famous cosmetic dental procedures around the world as it has the power to improve the look of your teeth. The procedure of teeth whitening is performed by most dentists. If you are living in Cypress CA, you can book your appointment at https://purecypressdentist.com/. However, tooth whitening is a repetitive procedure which means that from time to time you will have to repeat it if you want your teeth to keep shining for a long time. If you think you would do it once and not repeat it again, you would be disappointed. However, the best part about this is that it is entirely up to you.

Enamel, which is the name for the outer layer of tooth, plays a crucial role in the procedure. The enamel is where all the action takes place. Most commonly, a special type of gel is used specificallyfor tooth whitening is applied to the surface of the tooth. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the main ingredients in the gel and it is responsible for the results you are trying to achieve with teeth whitening. Hence, this process of professional bleaching is probably the one you would be recommended in case you decide to opt for a teeth whitening treatment. Whether or not you can avail a teeth whitening service depends on the condition and health of your teeth and it should be discussed with your doctor.

Apart from the common procedure of professional bleaching, there is power whitening or laser whitening. During the process your gums are protected with a rubber dam placed on them to keep them covered. The teeth will then be painted with a bleaching product. Shining a light or laser on the teeth will work to get the chemicals activated in the product and the magic will begin. The laser or light helps the lightening product by speeding up the reaction. This allows the process of color change to happen more quickly. This procedure will make your teeth lighter by five to six shades.

Even though it has already been mentioned that the process of teeth whitening is not once in a lifetime thing, it will last long enough to give youvalue for your money kind of satisfaction. They typically last up to three long years and with the right kind of lifestyle habits, you could make them last even longer. If you are a smoker or frequently indulge in foods and beverages that has the ability to stain your teeth, it will work against maintaining the color achieved through teeth whitening. The trick is to stay away from these gastronomic attractions and avoiding as much as possible the beverages like coffee, red wine and tea etc. Following proper oral hygiene will also go a long way in maintaining the color for a really long time.