Can Travel Pillows Work?

Can Travel Pillows Work

Planning a long road trip or stepping on a plane clocking long hours? It is important to consider the potential health risks that are associated with long hours of travel in a vehicle to ensure you don’t jump off the wagon like a sleep-deprived zombie. Your skin is dehydrated, you are jetlagged,you have a headache due to exhaustionsleep deprivation. If you are travelling on work, this long list can leave you demotivated for your big meetingif you are on a holiday- wave goodbye to sightseeing. Add in a long haul between flightsyou’ve just met the new fatigued you. The last thing you want after a long journey is to carry chronic pain feeling exhausted, along with your holiday luggage!


Whilst there are some serious risks like blood clots or vein thrombosis, the lesser but equally stressful risks are those related to fatigue, sleep deprivationa pained neck. Thankfully, there is a solution that has cropped up in the form of a pillow that allows for your natural resting pose for the headneck. Add a top quality material as filling with firmness levels that support shouldersabovewe have the magical but most needed travel companion- the travel neck pillow.

A small companion with big support- can they work for you?

Travel neck pillows are compact small pillows in various shapes designed for optimal neckhead support whilst taking a nap during travel. These little companions provide comfortcradle the neck propping it. Its shape allows for the neck to rest in its most natural pose ensuring muscles are not pressured, helping the user slip into the much needed restful sleep. If you are someone who always had trouble getting long hours of sleep during travel, this lightweightportable pillow is your answer.

Choose one that works for you

With so many options available, it is important to pick one that works for you. Follow these checkpoints when picking one:


  • Avoid buying at the airport


If possible, avoid buying a travel pillow at the port of travel as there is an evident mark up to the price. Instead invest in one beforehand by buying online from manufacturers directly, like Wakefit. They work out economical.


  • Durability


Check reviews of travel pillows before you purchase them. Ensure they have at least 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Lightweightportable


Most travel pillows come lightweightare portable. Pick one that has straps so you can attach it to your hand luggage without it sticking out like a sore thumb.


  • Support, supportmore support


Your travel neck pillow should feel softcomfortable. Ideally, choose one with memory foam filling to ensure the best neck support possible to stop you from dangling your head while asleep.


  • Hygiene


If you are an avid traveller, do pick a pillow that’s easily washable. The last thing you want is to tuck your face into a pillow that has grime.

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Pillowmattress manufacturers like Wakefit, ace in both designmaterial used in travel pillows. While most pillows for travel use polyester with microbeads in it, Wakefit, go a step further by using moulded memory foam as the pillow fill. Its medium-firm feel ensures the user gets adequate support whilst aligning your nose to the middle of your chin.  Chiropractors have long recommended this position as the ideal position when sleeping in a seated position, especially in a confined space. This strategically mitigates any chronic pain around the neck, muscles, headback that could possibly lead to extreme fatigue.