4 Debunked Health & Beauty Myths Told By Your Grandmother

4 Debunked Health & Beauty Myths Told By Your Grandmother

Before the Internet and social media, most women relied on health and beauty tips from their mothers and grandmothers. Much of their advice can be used for a lifetime, but there are some recommendations that may be rooted more in tradition than facts. The following myths are commonly circulated among women, but they are not necessarily true. See which statements and strategies have been debunked—and which treatments you should try instead.

1. Brush Your Hair 100 Times Per Day

Your grandmother may have told you to brush your hair 100 times per day to keep it shiny. It is true that brushing can make your locks look more lustrous. A regular brushing routine helps to distribute scalp oils down the hair shaft. This not only helps to nourish the hair cuticle but also reflects sunlight.

Unfortunately, there are consequences if you pull at your hair too much. When you tug at your strands and pull on your scalp, you can cause hair loss. To keep your hair healthy and to prevent strands from falling out, brush it gently a few times per day.

One set of strokes should be all you need to keep the strands shiny and smooth. If you ever need effective ways to promote hair regrowth, avoid the use of harsh chemicals or tools that tug on the hair. Instead, use treatments like laser therapy caps and clinical hair care products, which will help to stimulate healthy hair growth without affecting the wellness of your locks or scalp.

2. A Base Tan Helps Avoid Sunburns

Everyone knows that sunburn is bad for the skin. To try to prevent one, many women used to try and get what is known as a “base tan.” A base tan is tanning without sunscreen in the hopes of getting a slight burn or darker color. This was thought to help protect the skin from bad burns in the future.

This is a myth. Every sunburn is bad for your health—and no tan can help protect you from skin damage. To avoid skin problems and painful burns, it is essential to wear sunscreen on your face and body. The American Cancer Society recommends choosing a product with an SPF of 30 or higher. This is the level of protection that the sunscreen offers against harmful UVB rays.

It is also important to find something that includes “broad spectrum” protection so you prevent getting burns from damaging UVA rays, too. Other ways to avoid skin damage include wearing clothing with SPF protection and staying indoors when the sun is brightest. Wear a hat to protect your face and scalp while taking care to use an umbrella or shade when you are spending time in direct sunlight.

3. All Natural Ingredients Are Safe

There are many benefits of using natural ingredients in your beauty products. While you help to protect the environment, you can also create a healthy, glowing complexion without the use of harsh chemicals. Natural ingredients may come from the Earth, but they can still irritate your sensitive skin, especially in large doses. Some formulas can even affect people with allergies.

Some of the most popular natural ingredients in skincare and hair care include aloe, shea butter, and seaweed. You may even use shampoo or facial toner with essential oils such as lavender oil or tea tree oil. While certain plants and essential oils may help to improve skin and scalp conditions while offering a pleasant fragrance, they can cause uncomfortable reactions such as allergic contact dermatitis.

A skin rash from contact dermatitis will make the area itchy and swollen, so you should always be sure to test natural ingredients before you use them on your skin or hair. Use gentle products and dilute your liquid essential oils in a carrier oil such as olive oil or coconut oil. If you buy an item from the store, check the packaging to make sure you are not sensitive to its ingredients. Look for products that work to soothe the skin and nourish the hair since they usually include the gentler oils and plant-based chemicals.

4. Carbs Are Bad For You

Over the years, scientists have learned a lot more about nutrition and diets. Women used to think that all carbohydrates were bad for their figure, but there are some that you don’t have to feel guilty about. The key is to choose complex carbohydrates vs. refined carbohydrates. Since complex carbs take longer to be broken down by the body, they can be used for energy. Refined carbs are known as “bad carbs,” and they process quickly through the body. They are also low in vitamins and fiber, which means they are not doing much to keep you healthy.

Complex carbohydrates are part of a balanced diet, so be sure to incorporate delicious high-carb foods into your meals like bananas, sweet potatoes, and quinoa. Other tasty options include apples, chickpeas, and kidney beans. When combined with other fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins, you can fuel your body for wellness. You will also give yourself the energy to exercise, focus at work, and power through your most important family responsibilities.

4 Debunked Health & Beauty Myths Told By Your Grandmother

Keeping Yourself Beautiful & Healthy

Now that you know what isn’t true about health and beauty, you can take the time to adjust your routine. Swap out irritating products or ingredients with those that are safe enough for sensitive skin. Be gentle with your hair by investing in the right tools and treatments, keep your skin protected from the environment at all times, and eat a balanced diet with a variety of healthy foods. When you take a holistic and well-informed approach to your wellness, you will ensure that you are creating healthy habits that will last you a lifetime.