Staying Fit with 30 Minutes Easy Exercise for All Age Groups


It doesn’t matter if you’re youngstudying or working on a fulltime job, you’ll always find it hard to come up with each thing that you’re planned in the routine schedule. There is no doubt that workout is always compromised by most of us on a busy day which makes it hard to keep it in the routine. Many researchers have approved that working out for at least 30 minutes can change your life for good. There are many ways an easy workout can be performed anywhere so that you don’t have to spend a long time doing it. While most people are doing their best to work out in the best way possible we came up with a few easy workout tips that can help you stay with a busy routine along with working out.

Let’s define the stepsthe procedures that make a complete 30 minutes’ workout. Five primary components are a part of an instant working out.

  • The warm-up
  • The Cardio exercise
  • Testing the stamina or resistance
  • Flexibilitystrength building
  • Cooldownmaintenance

 Warm-Up: Push-Ups

The Pushups are on the topmost list for a reason. If you’re new at this or overweight then you must learn to be in the right posture to make sure that the right move is created for the right outcome. It is important to stay focused on the right posturethen start counting the reps. Otherwise, it can create an uneven shape of the body.

Make sure that you spend at least 7 to 8 minutes doing pushups so that all the abdominal muscles are activepumped. Count up to 5 sets of reps which can be done at once within a couple of weeks of regular practice.


Cardio Exercise: Brisk Walking

This type of warm-up can easily be done on a treadmill especially if you’re scared of going out in the pandemic. Set the speed up to 4 to 4.5 miles per hour on the machine. Set the timer for 10 minutes for a minor warm-up so that your body is ready to take on the burpees. Make sure that your body posture remains naturalalso keep your workout bag with you in case something is needed.

Resistance: Jump Burpees

Let’s move a little further than a normal pushup. While the pushup only works for the upper half of the body the pump burpees help in the movement of the whole body. There are many types of burpees that you’d be recommended but they are for a short-term exercise let’s consider the one with the most physical impact.

This exercise can be done in three steps easily. The first step includes the normal pushup in the first step. After completing a single pushup you need to stand up on your feet, which is the second step of this exercise. The third step includes a jumpa clap with vertical straight arms above the head This complete cycle makes a single rep of this exercise. Do five rounds with five reps in each round which will take about 10 minutes from the total 30 minutes of the exercise.


Flexibility & Maintenance Exercise: Stretching

Once the body reaches the peak of its stamina then make sure to do stretching to avoid muscle sorenessbe in the best position to spend the rest of the day. The main issue that most of the time is faced by the people is the post-workout experience which includes body stiffness that is a result of not letting the body relax to be in the best shape. The results of this exercise can vary from person to person depending on the health conditionbody weight. Also, make sure to wear workout clothes to maintain the right postures. Although this exercise is a complete package of HIITCardiovascular workout that can be done by almost anyone as long as there are no physical challenges, it can still vary to pick optional exercises that can be more effective for any individual.