Top Essential Oils to Keep Your House Smelling Fresh

Top Essential Oils to Keep Your House Smelling Fresh

Keeping your home sweet home clean and green with that pleasant fragrance is the primary goal of many people. You may not be aware of the smell of your home as you are used to it, but usually, every house has its specific smell. If you are someone who entertains guests a lot, you will understand the importance of keeping the house clean and smelling fresh. So, with these things in my mind, here are some tricks to keep your house smelling fresh that you can easily follow. So, whether you’re seeking a clean and crisp aroma for your lavatory or a relaxing and soothing scent for your boudoir, these are the essential oils you can use.

Your Hallway

In the doorway of your home, besides your welcome mat, diffusing or spraying a fragrant essential oil can uplift your guest to enter with calm and relief. For this place of your house, you can choose an essential oil that’s been shown to keep you excited, such as cinnamon or orange. The orange essential oil can boost your mood, and another fragrance to use in your house is cinnamon, which is a classic fragrance that reminds memories of baking stuff and childhood.

Your Cookhouse

For a clean, crisp fragrance for space where you most likely prefer to keep pans and pots, opt for lemon essential oil. Lemon is antibacterial and restorative so it has natural purifying properties and it’s also a sense arouser, clarifies the soul, and promotes a sense of new energy. It’s always like a breath of fresh air in a stuffy-puffy room. And if you wish your kitchen or your cookhouse to feel cozy, use a cinnamon essential oil, as it gives the feeling of warmth and comfort, and since cinnamon is so extensive in baked goods.

Your Lounge

The best essential oils for your living room or your lounge depend on the activities you love doing in that room the most. If you want to relax and relieve after a long day, then you can use fir needle essential oil. It’s sweet, calming, and connects us with nature. The smells of this essential oil will always remind you of nature and are linked to lowering your blood pressure as well. And if you are using your living room as an office or spot to catch up while working, then you can go for the rosemary essential oil, as it stimulates creativity and helps in activating your memory.

Your Boudoir

This is the room of your home you are likely to spend most of your time in, i.e., your bedroom or boudoir. Not only will you want to choose an essential oil fragrance that makes you feel relaxed and gleeful, but you will also want to opt for one that’s calming, and can help you sleep better. The rich, floral perfume of jasmine essential oil can do just that, as well as summon feelings of intimacy. But if the scent is too strong, you can diffuse just one to three dabs in water for the best and reliable results.

Your Lavatory

Your bathroom or your lavatory won’t always smell as fresh and healthy as you would like, so to keep it blaze and airy, use an essential oil like lemon, eucalyptus, or tea tree. Not only do they hold antibacterial properties, but also they are linked with stimulating the mind and the soul. So, if you want to enjoy a nice, long bath after a long and hard workday, then you can just choose an essential oil that persuades feelings of relief and relaxation, like the lavender essential oil.

Using essential oil is an effective way to keep your house smelling good and fresh. So, once you have cleaned and vacuumed your house, diffuse your favorite essential oil from Young Living, sit back and relax.