What to Expect From a Michigan Offender Search

What to Expect From a Michigan Offender Search

All across the United States, sex offender registration is common practice. This ensures that law enforcement can keep a close eye on dangerous sex offenders while also allowing the creation of a publicly available sex offender registry. The public registry was created in hopes that it would give the public the easiest time possible to identify sex offenders in their communities. The reason this is necessary is that sex offenders have a high recidivism rate, especially in comparison to other criminals. You can get a lot of information from a Michigan offender search that can help keep your family safe.

The Kinds of Information you Can Expect to Find 

Every state has the ability to make its own sex offender laws. There is a federal law that requires information about medium and high-risk offenders, but most things beyond that are up to the state. Like many states, Michigan users a three-tiered system. Each tier represents a different threat level the offender poses to the community, Tier I being the lowest threat level and tier III being the highest. They are divided this way to make it easier both for law enforcement and the general population to instantly determine how big of a threat the offender poses. 

The Michigan sex offender registry provides everything that the public needs to identify an offender and decide how dangerous they are. The registry website will provide you with the name, address, list of offenses including the date convicted and how many charges, status, tier level, and a full physical description including things like height, weight, scars. Tattoos, hair color, and eye color. You can search by name, address, city, or just look at everyone in violation if that’s all you’re looking for.  

The list that the website loads when you search will show small thumbnails of each offender along with their tier level and if they’re in compliance or not. If the offender is in compliance the website won’t say anything, but if they aren’t the words “non-compliant” will appears next to the offender’s name in red letters. If you want more information on any offender all you need to do is click on their name and you’ll be redirect to another page that has the rest of their information. 

How Michigan Sex Offender Registration Works

Not all offenders are required to register for life in the state of Michigan. Anyone that isn’t required to register for the rest of their lives must register either for 25 years after they initially registered as a sex offender or 10 years after release, whichever is longer. There is a long list of crimes an offender could have committed to be required to register for life. Those crimes include first-degree sexual conduct, second-degree sexual misconduct with a person under 13, kidnapping a minor, enticing a person under 14, and repeat offenders. Also, anyone that was involved in the production of anything sexually abusive of a minor is required to register for life.

Find all the Information You Need for Your Sex Offender Safety Plan

All of the sex offender laws were put into place to try and ensure that as few tragedies occurred at the hands of repeat sex offenders happen as possible. By making sex offenders register as such it makes it a lot easier for everyone from law enforcement to your average citizen to keep an eye on sex offenders that live in their communities. Safety is important, and knowing who you need to be on the lookout for in your neighborhood can help you or your family avoid being targeted by a sexual predator. 

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