People Say the COVID-19 Crisis is the Perfect Time to Shed Weight

People Say the COVID-19 Crisis is the Perfect Time to Shed Weight

Many people gained unwanted weight during the COVID-19 crisis. Different reasons attributed to their pandemic weight gain. This includes sheltering in place, remote work, a sedentary lifestyle,stress. For some, they call this the Pandemic 15. But while there are those who gained the pandemic weight, there are also people who managed to use the crisis as the best opportunity to shed some pounds.

Pandemic as an Opportunity to Loose Weight

While others surrendered to an unhealthysedentary lifestyle, some people opted to change their pathwent on achieving their fitness goals. Even as they stay more time indoorstook their regular jobs home, they took the necessary steps to embrace a healthier lifestyle. This means balancing their time for work, family,fitness goals.

As we shelter in place, some of us chose to spend more time eating healthier meals, exercising daily,practicing self-care. They did not let the limited capacities of gymsfitness centers stop them from staying fit. Some created a home gyminvested in gym equipment while others chose the no-investment way of staying active.

Some people went online to copy exercise regimens offered by famous trainers. Others turned their gym memberships into online fitness classes. For those who wanted to be on the safe sidechose to shed weight the healthy way, they went looking for a reliable center that offers weight management programs.

Even with the temptation of buying processed foodordering food deliveries, others stood firmchose the healthy path. They turned to organic food items to cook more home-cooked meals. Others even started their own vegetable garden so they can enjoy their own produce.

Some people tried to entice their loved ones into exercising by turning this into a group workout. They know how crucial a healthystrong body this, which only fueled their desire to stay active. They either do this inside the house walkrun outdoors.

How People Are Losing Weight

People have different secrets that helped them shed some pounds. Some managed to do this without following a strict exercise regimen. But they do engage in various activities that greatly kept them engage in staying active.

Quality Meals

One excellent way to shed weight is to eat the right kindamount of food. For instance, reducing saltsweets intake is a good way to start. One ought to pay more attention to whathow much they eat.

Even with regular exercise, all your handwork won’t be enough to shed weight if you don’t maintain a healthier diet. You will have a hard time reducing your weight if you end up eating more calories than you burn each day. Balance your diet with more fruitsvegetables, less meat, and less starchy food.


For most people who are not really a fan of workouts, they chose to walkrun more. Some are unable to run due to bonejoint issues. What they did instead is to increase their steps by running.

For those who enjoy running, they try to change things up a bit by running on treadmillsjogging outdoors. They do this to enjoy nature as much as they can while utilizing their treadmill at home. Most people followed the 10,000 steps rule.

Originally, people thought 10,000 steps is the key to ultimate healthfitness. Experts say that the more steps you can take in a day, the better. But then, another study shows that the more you obsess about the number of steps you have taken each day, the less they enjoy this.

Valiant Physio

The key is to focus on the activity, not the steps. On average, we walk about 3,000-4,000 steps each day. We should focus on walking morelet our fitness tracker do the counting.


Biohacking, also known as Intermittent Fasting, is when people only eat meals during a limited window of hours. This is basically limiting yourself to fewer meals to reduce calorie intake. They usually eat big meals that will last them for a few hours as a way of changing their hormonesreducing weight.

According to a study, intermittent fasting helps fast track metabolic rate by 3.6-14%. By reducing the number of calories you ingest, you also increase your metabolic rate. Some studies also claim that biohacking can also increase healthy people’s lifespan.

While intermittent fasting may be a good way to shed some pounds, this is not everybody. People with medical conditions are not advised to try this diet without their doctor’s advice. There are certain side effects in practicing biohacking which is why experts warn everyone in trying without consulting this diet.

There are other things people do to get rid of their pandemic weight. Some opted to incorporate their passionhave fun while burning fat. Others went for outdoor activities they can engage in with their friends. Others tried different diet regimens. What’s important is one takes extra care when choosing a weight loss strategy. Remember that healthsafety should be the priority nowadays,not simply a lighter weight.