Self-care for Young Adults: Why Overall Health Matters

Self-care for Young Adults: Why Overall Health Matters

Every year, young adults are broken into the truth of life. As more and more students graduate from college, they become plunged into the reality of how things work in society. Many problems plague the younger generations. College debt (or student loans) has ballooned to catastrophic proportions. Each of the 43.2 million former students owes $39,351 of debt on average. The entire student loan bubble is at $1.56 trillion U.S. dollars. It’s as much as the entire gross domestic product of 5 medium-sized countries in total.

These student loans are paid over decades — with a percentage not able to be paid out at all. Student loans are considered to be one of the heaviest burdens of average Americans. It has subjected many students to a pit of depression and anxiety. Some even have to work multiple jobs to pay off loans and make ends meet.

Aside from student loans, the entire job market is fragile right now. Many young adults fail to enter the job that they studied for. Since fewer and fewer companies are investing in the U.S., and businesses are rarely opening. Already existing companies are adamant about accepting fresh graduates to train in their companies.

The unemployment rate of fresh graduates has reached the mid-40s percentage level. Compared to previous decades, this rate is up from the usual 30 percent. Most are forced into underemployment, where they accept a job well below their educational attainment and do not even require a college degree.

The rate of suicide and mental health diseases is on the upward trend. Longer work hours and meager wages are driving millennials and the gen-z workforce into insanity. According to reports, the mental health decline of young adults is steeper and faster than the older generations’. Depression had a high rate among those aged 21 to 36. Because of the various stressors that young adults experience right now, it looks like nothing is going right.

We should emphasize providing guidance on how to take good care of one’s overall health for young adults. Which self-care tips can help alleviate the plight of young adults?

Oral Hygiene

The last thing you want as a self-respecting young adult is to have an expensive trip to an oral hygienist or orthodontist. Oral hygiene matters for a person’s growth career-wise and money-wise. Oral hygiene is often overlooked by most as teeth are a body part taken for granted more often than not. Professional oral surgeons make a living out of how careless people are with regard to their teeth.

Pain in your mouth can actually invoke a fever if the pain reaches a certain threshold. Any dental-related issue is always an emergency. Taking care of your teeth, gums, and mouth is necessary to avoid future debt and evoke confidence.

Mental Health Exercises

Mental health exercises during lockdown that can be done with family |  Parenting News,The Indian Express

Engaging in mental health exercises that stimulate your mind and your happy hormones is key to a balanced and happy life. Mental exercises such as yoga, meditation, and plain physical exercises can help a person avoid being depressed and anxious. According to recent findings, physical activities are necessary to bring down your chances of acquiring depression.

You can only handle things that are within your control. Taking charge of your mind is necessary to keep your mental demons at bay. Exercises such as yoga, meditation, and other forms of exercise release hormones that stabilize one’s mood. Serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins are a few of the positive hormones that help a person stay away from the pit of depression.

Maintenance of Diet

What you take in has a great effect on your mental and physical health. Lack of proper nutrition often contributes to lethargy, stress, and other morbidities. Obesity is just the onset of a problem that will eventually lead to serious and often fatal diseases. Continuous consumption of unhealthy food can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, certain types of cancers, and even depression. Too much salty food can lead to kidney diseases. It can also lead to other eating disorders and other unhealthy addictions.

Caring for oneself is watching out for what your body consumes. While extremely pleasurable in the short term, bad eating habits will definitely lead to an uncomfortable life in the future. Maintaining a healthy diet is a concrete self-care tip that young adults must note to live a happy and stress-free life. You wouldn’t want to work on your way to retirement to find out you cannot enjoy things in life because your health is already on the decline.

Caring for oneself is often overlooked by young and busy people. It is important to watch out for yourself while you still have the power to prevent problems in your body and your mind.