Low-Calorie Drinks You Can Order When It’s Cocktail Time

To enjoy alcoholic drinks without gaining weight is a dream of many people. Low-calorie alcoholic drinks help you if you are trying to take fewer calories especially calories taken from alcohol. As alcohol is not a healthier drink but it is a deepdark secret that some people feel their life incomplete without it. Many people also enjoy going to a bar with friends to have a good time.

At bars, you get several alcoholic beverages made by mixing different spiritsjuices. And most of the drinks are served chilled. Mini bar fridges help the bartenders to serve chilled beverages to their customers. If you are consciously trying to reduce calories taken from alcoholic drinks at the bar, we have a solution for you. Here we have some drinks that are low in calorieswill help you to reduce your calorie intake.

Wine Spritzers Containing Lower Alcohol Content

A wine that contains lower alcohol content is a good option. Lower-alcohol content wine, mixed with sparkling waterfresh fruit or juice contains only 100 to 125 calories per serving. You can ask the bartender for such drinks. If you are preparing your drink at home, you can get a wine that has 11% ABV mentioned on its label. Additionally, wines like RieslingMoscato are lower in alcohol.

Fresh Lime Margaritas

Fresh lime margaritas can also be a good choice. But you can ask to replace popular syrup mixes with non-caloric sweeteners. At home, you can use real sugar, lime juice, fresh citrus, triple sec,tequila to prepare low-calorie fresh lime margaritas. Skipping typical syrup mixes will cut the calories from 300 to 600 per serving to only 150 calories per serving.

Whiskey Ginger for Whiskey Fans

If you like whiskey more then you can enjoy a low-calorie drink by adding dirt ginger ale or lime juice to it. If you use diet soda, it reduces the calories to 120-150 per serving. So, for calorie-conscious people, it is a good optionrelatively healthy option.

Diet GinTonic

If you can’t skip tonic water, then you should try to keep the calorie intake to the lowest by choosing diet tonic water. Because regular tonic water contains higher sugar levels hence more calories. But if you choose a diet tonic, it reduces at least 60 calories per serving.

4 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drink Recipes That Won't Ruin Your Diet

Skinny Mojitos for Summer Fun

For summer months mojitos are real-time fun. You can ask the bartender to keep the mojito slim. This can be done by skipping simple syrup or sugar. Using sugar substitute instead of sugar keeps the drink around less than 100 calories instead of normal mojitos that contain about 168 calories per serving. For flavor enhancement without adding more calories, mintfresh lime juice can be added.

Vodka Soda And Lemon

Liquor based drink also helps you to reduce calorie intake from drinks. Because a little goes for long as a result you consume less. According to a dietitian, people find it easier to drink three glasses of wine. But sipping vodka with fresh lemon takes more time. Alcohol causes dehydration, but if you use soda water it keeps you hydrated without adding calories to your drink.

A Glass of Rosé

A glass of rosé is also an easy-to-make low-calorie drink that you can order. It contains low calories if not too sweet. But you should stay away from high in sugar drinks like dessert rosés. Another thing that you should remember is that the higher percentage of alcohol a drink contains, the higher the calories. Look for lower alcohol levels by volume or ABV to keep your calorie intake to the minimum.