The Power of Looking and Feeling Your Best

The Power of Looking and Feeling Your Best

A major concern that many men and women have felt during the later stages of the pandemic is a dislike for the way their bodies looked. The pandemic and subsequent lockdown measures caused business closures, many of which were deemed non-essential, even though they dealt with our physical and mental health. Not only did this make staying in shape difficult, but it also led to depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. We would often look at ourselves in the mirror and see these emotional factors taking shape on our faces and our waistlines.

For many, the depression and anxiety caused by the pandemic led to comfort eating, smoking, and other harmful vices. This, in turn, led to weight gain and without an open fitness centre or aesthetic clinic to make us feel like ourselves again, we just continued down the road of self-pity and poor habits.

Our Appearance Is Directly Connected To Our Emotions

Regardless of those who say that beauty is only skin deep, we know that it is much more than that. If we look good, we typically feel good. We are much more confident and the feelings of depression and anxiety quickly melt away. The way we look on the outside, whether we are unhappy with our weight or the effects of aging on our skin and faces, reflects how we feel on the inside. Our appearance is directly connected to our emotions. If we are overweight, we might feel depressed and continue eating unhealthy foods. If we don’t like our appearance in the mirror and our favourite aesthetic clinic is closed due to lockdowns, we might stop applying makeup. After all, we aren’t going anywhere for a while, are we?

But now that the worst part of the pandemic is behind us and lockdown restrictions are eased, it’s time we did something about the way we look so we can address the way we feel and end the cycle of depression and self-doubt. Vaser liposuction, ULTRAcel skin tightening treatments, and Emsculpt sessions can help get us back on track to looking and feeling our absolute best this summer. Let Hans Place Practice help make a difference in the way you see yourself in the mirror.

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