Is Dental Implant Treatment Beneficial? 

Is Dental Implant Treatment Beneficial? 

There are several options at hand when you have a missing tooth: dental bridges, complete/partial dentures,dental implants. When it comes to teeth replacement treatment, dental implants usually stand out. Just like any other dental procedure, dental implants have their own restrictionsrisks. Dentists claim that dental implant advantages are way more than its limitationdisadvantages. On the report of 6006 Yonge Dental Implant Center, almost 97% of dental implant surgeries are successfully performed. In the end, it is your dental specialist that will give you consultation on the best teeth-replacement treatment.

Dental Implant Disadvantages

In spite of the progress made in dental care, many of us still suffer tooth loss. Having a missing tooth can be a drastic experience,it may lead to many more damages. Fortunately, dental implants have proved themselves to be efficient in almost every case. There is always a BUT, but not everyone in every case can receive dental implants. Here, we will mention some of the few disadvantages dental implants have.

  1. Dental implants are expensive. Somehow we can say that dental implants’ high-priced cost is a principal disadvantage. To tell you that dental implants are the most affordable among other treatments is a huge lie; they are not inexpensive at all.
  2. Dental implants are time-taking. If you are willing to see the results right away, dental implants are indeed not recommended. This procedure consists of several phases,you need to take some time between some of them to heal thoroughly. Dentists believe that it may take 3 to 18 for the gum to heal completely.
  3. Dental implants are not always covered by insurance companies. This is another disadvantage that might cause you to reconsider other teeth-replacement options. So if you want to receive dental implantsneed to know about dental coverage, you should consult with your insurance agency first.
  4. Dental implants may meet with failure. While the implant success rate is extremely high, there is also a slight chance of failure. Statistics say that 5 – 10% of patients who have had dental implants experience failure. The failure might be caused due to gum disease, smoking, or some medical conditions such as diabetes.


Dental Implant Side Effects

When you lose your natural tooth, it is important to replace them quickly. Dental implants are known for their reliabilitydurability. We feel the need to mention that dental implants also bring side effects with them. Below are some of the side effects that dental implants cause.

  1. Infection; along with swellingpain, infection is something you have to expect after dental implant surgery. However, if you follow aftercare instructions, you can reduce the probability of infection to a minimum.
  2. Nerve damage; what we mean by nerve damage is a state in which you feel numbness in your gum, teeth, lips, or chin. This happens when your dentist drills deeply. In this case, the chances are high that he penetrates your nerves.
  3. Implant fracture; if you put too much pressure on the implant, it may lead to implant fracture. It is essential to avoid hard or icy food to reduce the possibility of implant fracture.