Review Of The iLiving USA ILG-255

Review Of The iLiving USA ILG-255

Are you looking for a motorized wheelchair that is sturdy, light, foldableusable on an airplane,that is low maintenance as well? Then the iLiving ILG-255 folding electric wheelchair is the ideal choice for you. The seat on this wheelchair can be folded in mere secondsit can be packed in a compact size for easy transport or storage.

This folding electric wheelchair can be placed directly in a closet or other small area. When folded, the ILG-255 measures 13.8-inch x 24.4-inch x 30.3-inchit weighs only 58 pounds. It has a portable jack that you can use to get inout of the car.

It is important that you feel comfortable in any wheelchair you will be riding in, as you will spend a considerable amount of time traveling to different places. That’s why this folding electric wheelchair from iLiving has a chair with pillows. For many consumers, there should also be some storage space in the unit. This problem is also solved through the nylon basket – bag that is placed directly under the chair to store your belongings.

The ILG-255 is unique in that, unlike most folding electric wheelchairs, the batteries are hidden in a box on the sides of the device, out of the user’s way, giving you more space under the seat.

Here are the Features of the iLiving ILG-255:

It rotates 360 degrees. It is an FDA approved medical device. It is compact compared to traditional wheelchairs

Key Details of ILiving ILG-255:

It has a load capacity 300 pounds. With a ground clearance of 2 inches. It has bright LED headlights,

taillightsbrake lights. The battery weight 3.8 poundsis of the lithium-ion battery type.

The battery charger AC100-240V, with a DC24V battery voltage. There is an adjustable drawbar. It has a

turning radius of 48 inches with a 120W motor.

It also has the following:

– Idle rear wheel drive system

– Electromagnetic braking system

– Aviation aluminum frame construction

– The seat height is 22 inches from the ground

– The seat dimensions are 16x15x14 inches (WxDxH)

– The wheel size is 7 inches

– It has a travel coverage up to 14 miles on a full battery charge

– The maximum inclination is up to 8 degrees, with a top speed of 4 mph

The warranty information on this unit is as follows:

– Frame for 3 years

– 1 year in electronic components

– Battery for 6 months

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