A Fresh Start in NYC – Kicking the Habit

NYC - Kicking

It goes by many names: The Big Apple. The Capital of the World. The City of Dreams. The City So Nice, They Named It Twice. The City That Never Sleeps.

Regardless of what you call NYC there is definitely an air of endless possibilities tied to it. We’ve all seen our favorite actors and actresses play out characters trying to “make it” in the big city, and with a diverse population packed so tightly together it seems like the unimaginable is possible in NYC.

So what about a fresh start? Perhaps you or someone you know has been struggling with a substance addiction they just can’t seem to get under control. There are many contributing factors as to why someone uses substances and gets addicted, and a commonly disregarded one is the environment they’re in (and subsequently the people they’re around).

Now you may be thinking that because NYC is a metropolis that maybe it’s not the best place to go to find an addiction recovery center, but I truly believe there are some wonderful benefits to getting clean in The Big Apple.


A sense of community can be either exactly what you need, or exactly what you don’t. It’s the people around us and their attitude and behaviour which helps us to mould our own lives. Many people were lucky enough to grow up with a good group of friends who simply wanted to enjoy their youth without derailing their lives, but there’s always going to be groups which experiment a little too far. This can lead to having a group of friends who either use hard drugs, or drink alcohol to excess, which in turn can lead to embedding addiction problems into yourself or those around you.

It may not be easy to see how much substance abuse is affecting you when you’re in the midst of it, but often we know deep down whether what we’re doing is what we want to be doing.

Thankfully things like community are easy enough to change, and in places like NYC it’s surprisingly easy to find a new community or group of friends who are more like-minded and encourage healthy behaviour together. In fact this can even be found in drug rehab groups or addiction rehab centers.

Community is simply an integral part of the holistic recovery process, having people that are a good influence on your life can inspire you to make the positive changes necessary to grow.


An incredibly common obstacle for many people suffering addiction problems is of course the financial aspect, without medical insurance it can seem impossible to find the money to put yourself through an inpatient program. NYC is more than well-equipped to help those in need with state-funded opiate treatment and dual diagnosis treatment centers available to help anyone who needs it.

Finding an appropriate rehab center for your personal situation may take some asking around, so be sure about the exact requirements and financial situation details before you start looking to avoid disappointing yourself and putting yourself off the idea.

Addiction Assessment

Perhaps the best first step is to undergo an addiction assessment which can help you to understand how much the substance you’re using is affecting your daily life, from there you can gauge what kind of treatment may be necessary.

Outpatient Care

Outpatient services are typically for those with less severe addiction problems, they usually allow the patient to stay in their home or with friends or family during the treatment. It tends to be substantially cheaper as it doesn’t include food or accommodation, and can often be funded or subsidised by the state.

Inpatient Care

Inpatient services are for those with more serious addiction problems who need to be disconnected from society while they are supported through the withdrawals and psychological aspects of the addiction. This service is usually more expensive than outpatient care, although it includes all amenities as well as 24 hour support which may be necessary in the early stages of recovery.

Extended Care

In many cases there will be friends or family members that have been affected by the substance abuse, and many centers will offer family counseling to help them understand and help rebuild affected relationships.

In certain cases where the patient is concerned about future relapses it can also be organised that they are contacted routinely by a counselor to ensure they are continuing their sobriety successfully.

Whether it’s for you or someone you know, there is ample help out there to get that fresh start that’s deserved, help can only be a phone call away.